5 Signs Your Marketing
Department Needs Help

As the role of your marketing department continues to change, you may find that you need to invest in additional training to ensure that you are staying ahead of the curve and getting the most out of your marketing efforts. If you the content being created is struggling to appear on the first page of Google, or your team spends too much time finding and sharing content, it could mean your marketing department needs additional help. Here are five signs that your marketing team might need additional training.

Not Performing Keyword Research

When writing content for a company blog, you want to ideally write about topics that interest your audience. That’s why it’s important to conduct keyword research to find out the best topics to write about, based on what keywords are being searched. If you don’t include these popular keywords in your content, you’re missing out. Keyword research is one of the most valuable and essential activities to perform according to the experts at MOZ.

Not Using Tools to Automate Content Sharing

When your marketing department releases new content like blog posts, video content, images, etc., they may be spending too much time sharing it on multiple channels or may not be promoting the content across all channels because they don’t have the time. The easiest way to automate your social media efforts is to use automation software and apps, according to Mashable. Automating your content sharing is an integral part of social media, and with many tools that can be used, it can become effortless to share company content across all channels.

Not Discussing Analytic Reports

If the marketing department isn’t analyzing and discussing the analytic reports every week, you’ll never know where you stand, and which campaigns are bringing you the best return on investment. This is where additional sales and channel marketing training can help. By using Google analytics, you can gather the vital information that will help you tweak your marketing campaigns to draw more visitors to your website.

Not Using Tools to Track Relationships

As your social media marketing campaigns continue to grow, you’ll begin to gain more followers, fans, and subscribers. You’ll need to continue to respond to messages and initiate conversations and encourage interactions with your audience. Unfortunately, as your channels grow, it will be difficult to interact with everyone. It’s important to identify a fundamental group of influencers to focus on and use a social relationship manager to track interactions.

Not Optimizing Content for Google

Years ago, search engine optimization was a mystery to most marketers. With a better understanding of how Google’s algorithms work, marketing departments can create the kind of content that will rank high on Google pages. When writing content, you need to use a checklist to optimize your content so that Google can index it correctly. If your marketing department isn’t indexing their content correctly, then your customers won’t be able to locate the great content, which will result in less traffic being driven to your website.

The role of the marketing department is continuously changing. With these changes, it is essential to continually improve your knowledge and skills, with additional training.