5 Reasons Social Media is
Vital To Your Optometry Practice

Social media is here to stay and is taking the world by storm. To ignore this strong feature is to negate a chance to see your eye care business soar. Remember that establishing this kind of business takes a lot of effort and deserves your best if you want to see it succeed. In other words, don’t settle on mediocrity. Take advantage of whatever resources you can find, like social media. In fact, there are 5 reasons why social media is very vital for your eye care practice.

Building Your Business

People nowadays use social media all day, every day. If you want these people to notice you, you should be where they are. They may not be looking for an eye doctor or be interested in anything to do with eyes, other than putting on makeup, but it is up to you to catch their interest, make them know you and want you as their eye doctor.

Through social media, you can lead these people to your eye care practice website, which is why it is important to make your social media content interesting and informative to draw their interest. Yes, they can just look for an eye doctor via

Top Eye Doctor Near Me Directory. However, people don’t usually do that. They are likely to know where to go, through social media promotions.

Listening to The People

Social media is a say and response system. People can have their say, respond, give their opinion, good or bad and in doing so, give you an idea on how to improve your service. You, in turn, can answer them or at least give a response to their questions. People love it when they are not being ignored. This way, it will be a win-win for your eye care practice and the people. They get to have their questions answered and you get to improve your business and its reputation through your social media presence.

Personal Build Up

When clients notice your presence on social media, they tend to think of you differently. Instead of being the professional doctor that they cannot reach without an appointment, they will think of you as a friend who cares about them. They begin to see you as a person just like them, with all the worries and heartache. They love it when they can contact you on a personal level to ask a question. This way, they are more likely to return to you as a patient and a good client-doctor relationship might be established.

Be sure to load your site with pictures of you and your team. People enjoy pictures and videos. Sprinkle them though your site and invite comments.

Having Fun with Clients

This is a chance to show your lighter side and your intelligence. Give this side of yourself to the public. Write a short article on current research or changes in eye care and eye health. Tell your patients about new equipment in the laboratory and how you will use it.

Explain how and why you do certain things during your exams. Share your secrets.

Initiate contests. People love contests, especially light ones like naming a blind bunny who finds carrots with laser vision, or some other whimsy. Give a free lunch to the winner of the weekly contest with patients. It could be anything, like the middle name of a man in your team, or how many pennies in a jar.

Giving Eye Care That Is Non-Intrusive

Being strictly told to do something sets people on edge. They revolt mentally. This is what can happen in an environment like an eye clinic. But put it on social media as general information/advice and people will look at it differently. People can even share their own personal experiences. For example, even though you already told a patient why they should have been using using eye drops when he was in the office, you can still post the importance of eye drops and explain in calm detail the importance of their use, and why a patient may want to begin to use eye drops. They may feel less like being judged for not taking care of their eyes after reading something geared towards the general population.

There is no doubt that social media is an opportunity to play with your ideas, to express yourself and also an opportunity for others to enjoy your presence and your work. In doing so, your eye care practice can grow and your reputation with it.