5 Pro Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design

5 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Ad Design

Facebook is still the most popular of all social networking sites. Bustling with a mammoth user base from all demographics worldwide, the platform extends an amazing opportunity to spread the word about your business and offerings. But with your every other competitor launching ads on Facebook every now and then- the competition is really cut-throat. The only way to stand out in the crowd is to optimize your Facebook ad design. An optimized design will make your ad more targeted and more appealing before your niche.

Avoid Too Much text

Brevity is the king of any promotional message today and especially for Facebook ads. Despite its provision for excellent business & marketing opportunities, Facebook is still a portal to chill out at its core. Nobody will like to labor through long paragraphs of text while scrolling through her bestie’s wedding shots or family travel clicks on pc. The bottom-line is to keep your ad message short, simple and catchy. The main textual ad message should be no more than 4-5 lines. You will certainly post your website link alongside where the viewers will get detailed information.

Targeted Towards Buyer Personas

Does your business cater to different range of customers? Well, a lot of businesses serve in both B2B and B2C formats. Now, in that case, you have to create separate ad designs for both the niche. Most importantly, the two different ad designs will be specifically targeted to the respective user base they are catering to. The bottom-line is, do not spoil your ad design with a generic message about your brand. The ad design that targets customers will be specifically customized to provide solution for customers’ needs. Similarly, the ad that is meant for business-clients, should be particularly customized to offer solutions for problems unique to your company-clients.

Be Careful About Image

The image of your Facebook ad is the most important aspect of your ad design. In fact, images are responsible for around 75-90 percent of the performance of your ad. Humans are naturally attracted to visual experiences first. So, if your image is unable to grab the attention in the first place, the textual part will be entire textual ad copy will be left unattended.

The bottom-line is to equip your ad with high resolution, finely edited premium images. You can take the help of state of the art Movavi Photo Editor here. It has earned rave reviews from users and experts for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. The software helps to enhance any image, remove unwanted objects, add fancy image backgrounds and many more. It also allows fixing issues like image noise, scratches or damaged prints.

Support With Social Proof

It’s natural human instinct to look for tangible proofs before believing in something. So, when your target niche to believe in your brand and message, you have to offer social proofs. One of the best social proofs of your Facebook ad is a bright image of your customers visibly enjoying your product or service. VIP endorsements and review from a leading industry personnel will also boost the appeal of your Facebook ad big time.

Freebies Are Important

The “FREE” word can attract the most disinterested customer in no time. So, mention your free trial offers and discount codes (say, new customer discount) on your ads to grab attention.

Finally, don’t forget to arm up your Facebook ad design with a catchy CTA button. It will go a long way in enhancing the overall rate of conversion and decreasing the CPC.