5 Informative Social Media
Marketing Blogs to Follow

Now that we’re starting a new fiscal year, it’s time to work on refining your digital advertising and marketing strategies to boost sales throughout the year. Social media, one of the biggest players in the online marketing game, is one area where you should place a lot of focus.

If your socials are feeling a bit dull and dated after last year, it’s time to gather some outside inspiration. Here are five of the top social media marketing blogs of 2021 you should be following for ideas.

Small Business Trends

The Small Business Trends blog site is a hub for entrepreneurs all over the world. Their woman-owned digital magazine reaches over 2 million readers every month and has a sizable section of social media posts.

The information on Small Business Trends covers everything imaginable, from the pros and cons of social media marketing to how to write an Instagram bio. Because they aren’t affiliated with a specific product, their site is great for finding unbiased advice.

The Social Media Hat

Are you looking for help advertising on a specific social media platform like Facebook or Instagram? Do you need advice on how to choose between available tools? The Social Media Hat is the blog for you.

Their site is packed full of up-to-date articles covering everything you need to know about social networks and social media marketing. Follow their blog for resources, how-to guides, and reliable product reviews.


Many of the best social media marketing blogs come from software as a service (SaaS) platforms and Izea is no exception. This marketing platform offers all the enterprise tools you could need for content and influencer marketing.

Their blog isn’t just useful for customers, though. They cover current topics that anyone can benefit from learning about like running TikTok campaigns, using analytics, and trending industry news.


True to its URL, SocialMedia.biz focuses its energy on the dynamic relationship between social media and business. Unlike some other blogs, this site is well-organized into News, Business, How-To, Marketing, and Opinion subsections for easy navigation.

The one thing to keep in mind is that this blog is absolutely packed with content. If you can’t find what you’re looking for because there are so many new articles, use their search bar feature to narrow your results even further.

Bad Pitch Blog

Sometimes the most helpful advice doesn’t tell you how to do something, but rather how not to do it.

That’s the concept behind the Bad Pitch Blog. Their content explains mistakes that marketers make—with real-life examples—in the hopes that you’ll avoid making the same ones. They cover errors in media relations and marketing over nearly all social channels.

Use These Social Media
Marketing Blogs to Inspire Your Strategy

These social media marketing blogs are only the tip of the iceberg, but they cover a wide enough range of content that they’re a great place to start. Visit them whenever you need new ideas or have a problem that requires a creative solution.