5 Creative Examples of Digital Marketing For 2020

5 Creative Examples of Digital Marketing For 2020

If your business isn’t online now, in 2020, you’re seriously behind the times. Consumers are logged on more than ever—if not looking to buy, then searching to inform purchases.

In reality, you probably have a digital presence, but is it up to date?

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and it’s understandable that some companies are having issues keeping up. After all, business isn’t simple work, and refreshing marketing sometimes gets put on the back burner.

But it’s a new decade, so the time is now. Read these five examples of digital marketing to get your imagination running.

Video Content

Consumers are increasingly turning to streaming video—But that’s not the exciting news.

What’s the buzz? Video marketing has been taking new, interesting routes: Vlogs, hosted videos, and even branded miniseries are finding success.

Mobile Advertising

One form of advertising surging as we move into the new decade is mobile marketing. Brands are coming up with creative new ways to engage consumers on their phones: What better way to become your buyers’ friend than through texting them?

Posts They Can Buy From

The general concept of social media advertising is by now nothing new, but ads are evolving.

An exciting advancement in recent years is that consumers can now click through social media ads to purchase particular products from your site. Happily, this new form of engagement is drawing customers in.

Posts on External Blogs

Posts representing your brand on others’ blogs, also known as guest posts, are a great way to increase business by reaching readers who might otherwise never encounter your product.

Integrate Voice Search

Online voice assistants are everywhere: Who isn’t searching with one?

Did you know that you can integrate voice search into your company’s app or mobile site? This digital marketing strategy is rising, and voice search allows you to learn what customers want through data collection, too!

Discover More Examples of Digital Marketing

Now that you’ve read five popular examples of digital marketing for 2020, are you eager to find a digital marketer and update your brand’s strategy?

If you aren’t, you should be; marketing is huge right now! Cable commercials and other forms of traditional advertising are dying along with the industries they’re tied to, so advertisers are coming up with all kinds of innovative marketing solutions.

You have a lot of competition. The biggest brands are upping the ante with new, creative forms of digital media marketing constantly. If you don’t update your advertising methods to match them, they’re likely to steal your customers! Smaller brands are picking up on the trends, too, so you have no excuse not to get going today—no matter what sort of business you run.