5 Cool Ways to Market Unique
Products That Might Go Viral

I wonder how many unique products have vanished into thin air. Some people assume great products sell themselves, but smart marketing is essential. Unless you can find a way to go viral it’s hard to stand out among the crowd.

If you have an amazing product don’t leave it to chance. Level up your marketing so much there’s no way you’ll have trouble becoming successful. Let’s focus on a few tricks you should try when getting started.

Customers Want to See Reactions

Custom flavored BBQ sauce manufacturers can’t just talk about how tasty their product is. Potential customers need to see the delight on someone’s face when they’re tasting it for the first time on a viral video.

Pay Youtubers to post an eating challenge video where they have to eat as many barbecued chicken wings as possible. The wings would be covered in your sauce and people would be desperate to try it for themselves.

Give People a Free Experience First

If you owned a vineyard, you wouldn’t just ask customers to try your new tour because it’s fun. They won’t care when you tell them what wines they can try. Give them a free virtual experience before they turn up in person.

Shoot a video showing them all the things they’ll get to see and do. Show other people having fun drinking your wine at busy tables. It will make people a lot more interested to sign up for an experience of their own.

Offer A Special Introductory Deal

If you have faith in your product, you should be confident enough to offer a special introductory deal to your first customers. As long as you break even on your first order, it’s not going to have a massive impact on your finances.

Anyone who is selling a digital product will have a lot more leeway when it comes to offers. Those first few customers are going to spread the word about your product. If it’s good they’ll tell everyone they know to buy it.

Focus On New Social Media Platforms

Ask a YouTuber or Instagram influencer to promote your product and they’ll ask for thousands of dollars. They’ve been making money on the platforms for years, so they’ll know it’s possible to make a huge amount of money.

Reach out to people blowing up on new social media channels instead. When they’re getting started, they’ll be happy to accept a nominal sum. You’re probably too late for TikTok, but more are becoming popular all the time.

Offer To Speak on A Popular Podcast

Everyone is listening to podcasts these days and they’re millions out there. That is a good thing because it means podcasts will always need new guests. Reach out to people you’d like to speak to for an hour.

When potential customers hear you speak they’ll be much more likely to buy your product. They will feel like they know you as a friend. Marketers used to write blog posts back in the day, but podcasts have become huge.

Don’t Try to Copy Everyone Else

If you try to copy everyone else your marketing tactics might work, but you’re much more likely to find success if you do something that doesn’t have lots of competition.