5 Compelling Reasons to
Get a College Degree

Earning a college degree is optional, although there are quite a few reasons why students and even older professionals should consider pursuing a degree. Not only can a degree amplify your chances of earning more than those who have only completed high school, but a degree will also boost your chances of securing your dream career path.

While a college admissions consultant from Going Ivy can help you figure out which colleges are most suitable for your desired career path, relying on an admissions consultant will also boost your chances of acceptance.

With that said, if you’re still not entirely certain that a college degree is necessary, we’ve rounded up five compelling reasons you should further your education after high school.

Increase Earning Potential

One of the most compelling reasons to study beyond high school is that you’ll earn more when you kickstart your career path.

Studies confirm that college graduates typically earn as much as $30 000 more per annum than professionals with the same job title that have only completed high school.

Expand Your Knowledge

Another compelling reason to pursue a college degree is to expand your knowledge base. Going to college is undeniably the best way to expand your knowledge on subject matter that is relevant to your chosen career ambitions.

While obtaining your degree, you’ll have the opportunity to develop strong critical and abstract thinking strategies. Moreover, you’ll also develop the ability to express yourself through writing and verbal skills.

Enhance Career Opportunities

Those with college degrees have the upper hand in the competitive job market. Simply having a degree will make your resume a lot more attractive. This benefit will prove invaluable when you start searching for job vacancies in your field of expertise.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a college degree, you’ll need to settle for lower-paid vacancies for entry-level candidates, which means you’ll need to gradually work your way up the career ladder, while a college degree ensures you are open to far more opportunities.

More Job Satisfaction and Security

Studies also show that those with college degrees tend to experience higher levels of job satisfaction. Because professionals with degrees are more likely to understand their chosen career path, it’s a lot more likely that they will enjoy their jobs.

In addition to this, college degrees also promise more job security. If you have a degree, you’ll be a valued employee wherever you work.

Education Is a Lifelong Pursuit

Obtaining a college degree should be the first step in your plan to further your education. Initially, it’s wise to obtain a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field before pursuing the next major degree.

Thereafter, you can continue to further your education as a lifelong pursuit that will amplify your career continuously. There is no end to education in this regard.

Instead of settling for low-paid vacancies and careers that don’t offer much growth, it’s wise to further your education and amplify your chances of success in your field of work.