4 Ways to Transform Your Instagram Feed

4 Ways to Transform Your Instagram Feed

Whether you’re a business or an influencer, your Instagram feed is very important. That’s because when people click on your Insta profile, the first thing that they see is your feed, rather than your individual pictures. That means aligning your pics and your feed. This is a good way to reinforce your branding and tell your brand story. Viewers will judge you based on the look of your feed, and how they perceive you can have a dramatic impact on the perception of your influence or brand message. Creating a better Instagram feed can be a challenge, but these tips could make it look better than ever and help your brand image grow.

Be Consistent

The best Instagram feeds have something in common: they stay consistent. This means using the same themes and filters throughout. Brands and influencers should stick to using just one or two of the main filters. You should do this by picturing the ideal look of your feed. Then, choose the colors and filters that match your brand. If you’re an influencer, this is a good way of looking more professional and could be the key to attracting new revenue.

Ditch the Phone

A smartphone might be convenient, but they’re not going to be able to compete with the image quality of a real camera. The images on your phone might look great for a selfie, but if you’re trying to build a business or generate revenue from your Insta-feed then you want to be professional. It can be hard to work out the best camera for your needs, but sites like Choosist are a great way of narrowing down your options depending on your budget. For ‘Gram addicts and brands, having the right camera is a vital step for improving your feed.

Go Minimalist

This is a simple and effective theme that can make your pics look much more elegant. Minimalism accounts on Instagram are very popular for a reason: minimalism looks crisp and clean and is ideal for showcasing new products or displaying a good meal. The best thing about building a more minimalist themed Instagram feed is that learning how to take minimalist photos is very easy, so your pics could be looking and feeling fresher than ever.

Use Words

Even though the majority of influencers are focused on the travel, food, and lifestyle niches, that might not suit a business or brand. Some businesses struggle to work out the best ways to use Instagram when their business is less reliant on visuals. After all, Instagram is an image-based platform. That’s why adding words to your images can be so smart. Align your visuals with the right messages and you could be having far more impact. Use your brand’s message or post motivational quotes alongside your imagery. Nonprofits and B2Bs can benefit from this technique very successfully.

There are plenty of ways to make sure that your Instagram feed looks as good as possible. Take some time to think about your strategy and the best way to show off your brand persona through visuals. Make use of online editing tools to make sure that your pics have the same aesthetic, and the finished result will have much more impact.