4 Ways to Find and Use Customer
Feedback to Improve Service

If you’re a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time, money, and effort to market and advertise your products or services. That’s understandable because you want your revenue to increase and your brand to be recognized. But one untapped resource your business needs in order to improve service and bolster sales is customer feedback.

Read on to learn how to gather and make the most of customer feedback.

1. Offer Customer Rewards

So if you’ve just launched a new product or service, an effective way to engage customers is by asking them what they think of your latest offer. But to encourage more individuals to respond, it would help to provide gifts, rewards, or even your new product free of charge. This is a good idea since everybody loves getting items for free.

You may think that engaging retail customers is different when you’re selling high-end, luxury goods and mass-produced items. In truth, there’s not much of a difference. Most people would be willing to give you feedback even without a reward, but a simple token will allow you to show your clients that you value their time and participation.

You can also take advantage of this strategy prior to releasing something new. You can give away the product or service in exchange for feedback from customers. The freebies should be treated as a research expense. You can glean a lot from people’s responses about whether your next offering will be a hit or something that needs to be improved.

2. Monitor Social Media

Another way to figure out how people perceive your company is through social listening. This means monitoring various social media platforms for mentions or comments about your company and your competitors as well. These sites can be used not only for advertising but also for posting polls, quizzes, and other creative content to boost customer engagement.

Besides improving your online presence, social media platforms like Twitter provides you with a means to interact with your market and obtain customer feedback. Those are crucial when creating a strategy to attract more customers.

As you respond to and communicate with the public, you can learn about trends and ideas for new products and services. It would be best for you to treat your followers as potential customers.

3. Get Ahead with Text

Even though text messaging can be considered old technology, it’s staging a comeback in 2021 as an ideal marketing tool. Since the pandemic started, there’s been a steady increase of retailers using SMS to reach clients in real time. Text marketing is becoming more popular than email marketing because more people see and reply to SMS more quickly than email.

That’s why if you want better customer engagement and faster feedback, you should consider using text messages. Apart from using SMS to inform your customers about promos or discounts, you can use it to inquire about customer satisfaction. The key is to take action immediately whenever you receive negative reviews or someone reports a problem about your service or product via SMS.

Your fast response via text is essential to let your customers know that you care and value their opinion. This strategy is great for customer retention and for determining how your customer engagement can be improved.

4. Communicate Via Your Website

Aside from social media platforms, people usually visit company websites to make inquiries, learn more about certain products or services, and leave a review or comment. So to make things even more convenient for your customers, it would be best to provide space on your website where your target market can communicate with you. Make it easy and seamless for anyone to contact you or get in touch with your customer service staff. By doing so, you can have instant customer feedback.

If you have the budget for it, you should consider having a live chat feature on your website. This would improve customer engagement and enable you to reply to queries as soon as possible. Once a customer’s issue is resolved, you can end the chat with a short survey or a question that can give you more insight into the customer’s experience.

With this strategy, you’ll show that you’re responsive and your priority is customer satisfaction. If ever you get negative feedback, you must act on improving your service immediately. People will surely appreciate your fast response, and they’ll turn from being ordinary consumers into loyal customers.

Bottom Line

Customer feedback is a treasure trove of information about how the public views your company, brand, and offerings. You can use people’s reviews and comments to learn more about how to make your customers happy and what other things you can provide for your target market. Remember that in business, particularly for retail companies, customer satisfaction should be a priority if you want to boost your profits.