4 Tips for Launching Your Business Logo

4 Tips for Launching Your Business Logo

Having a powerful brand differentiates you from your competitors and encourages customer loyalty as well as increasing the recognition of your company as a whole. That’s why successful branding can make the difference between business success and failure, and having a strong business logo can help tip the scales in your favor. Creating a strong business logo is therefore essential, but it’s just as important to launch and market it effectively so that it can be seen by potential customers, and increase that all important brand awareness. ┬áHere are four tips for launching your business logo that can see it get off to the best possible start.

1. Utilize It Right Across Your Business

A great business logo has to represent your business, and encapsulate its ethos and that of the person behind it, so it pays to take your time to create a unique logo that’s visually arresting and yet meaningful as well. Once you’ve done that, you need to use the logo as much as possible, and it’s especially important that your business logo appears uniformly across your business as a whole. That means that it should be on your letterhead, on any promotional items that you have, on your door and emblazoned across any offices or property that belong to your business. In this way, it becomes highly visible, and that can make it highly memorable too.

2. Market It Smartly

As stated above, your business logo should appear on all your promotional materials, and this can be particularly effective when it is on items that are given away to potential customers or at trade fairs or at retail outlets. Among the most effective promotional items are custom lapel pins. With a logo, you can easily put it on a pin which is a very cost effective method that provides a great return on investment, as everyone who wears the pin will be automatically promoting your business to everyone who sees it. It’s smart marketing in the truest sense, and as custom pins can be made to any shape, size and design, you can be sure that your logo will look as eye catching upon them as it does upon your stationery.

3. Give Your Logo an Online Presence

Every business should know by now how important having an online presence is. Consumers are not only buying directly from the internet more than they ever have before, they’re turning to it as a primary source for companies, products and services. For that reason, it’s essential that your new business logo is highly visible on your website. We are visually driven, so whilst consumers may not remember all of the words on your web pages, they are likely to remember an exciting and well-designed logo, and that in itself can help to build trust in a brand. Don’t forget to use your logo as your social media avatar as well.

4. Launch Your Logo with a Bang

You know just how important your business logo is, so launching one that looks great and is highly memorable is a moment to be proud of. You’ll want to tell the world about it, so hold a launch party for your logo and invite customers and potential customers along; you can also publicize this event on your social media profiles, giving you an online as well as offline launch. Launch parties are also a perfect place to distribute promotional materials bearing your logo, from pins to pens.

Producing an effective business logo could be one of the most important things you ever do, so once you’ve done that you must give it as much publicity as possible. Increasing its visibility online and offline can help you do this, and using it on lapel pins and other promotional goods, as well as showing it regularly on your website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, can help it, and your business, get noticed.