4 Marketing Tactics Used by the Top Real Estate Companies

4 Marketing Tactics Used by Top Real Estate Companies

Social media marketing (SMM) is a practice that can help any kind of business, so it’s not surprising that real estate agents are leveraging this form of promotion to generate leads and promote awareness for their properties. However, when it comes down to actually carrying out an SMM campaign, the exact steps involved aren’t always so obvious because there are so many methods to choose from. To make sure you’re focusing on the right tasks that will build the most initial momentum for your firm, study this short list of the most potent strategies for real estate promotion on social media:Posting Instagram Stories

If you’ve been paying attention to marketing in general, you probably know that Instagram is at the pinnacle of SMM right now, especially for an industry that can benefit from sharing photos. Creating Instagram stories – which are basically fancy galleries, for those of you who are Instagram illiterate – and showcasing HD photography is an excellent way to draw attention to your listings and social media profiles. This is a method that’s been widely used by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, one of the top sellers of real estate in Carlsbad.

Use Facebook Targeting

The Facebook Advertising platform and tracking pixel provide real estate agents with an abundance of tools for targeting and re-targeting specific audiences. One insider tip that will help you find more buyers is to target people who are actively shopping on other property listing sites. You can get a better grip on the market research and statistics that are needed to facilitate your campaign by signing up for a Premier Agent Direct account on Zillow. Other platforms are worth signing up for as well, but generally it’s best to start with Zillow.

Launch a Video Marketing Campaign

Many real estate companies rely heavily on standard photography and make very little effort to leverage the power of video marketing outside of simple walkthroughs that are made available to prospective buyers on the property listing page. Incorporating 4K footage and aerial views of the surrounding neighborhood is one way to spice up the thumbnail on sites like YouTube and attract loads of viewers, some of whom might be interested in buying or know someone who is.

Leverage Humor and Entertainment

While a serious and professional tone is always best, sharing appropriately humorous content can help you keep people interested in your Instagram and Facebook feeds. People pay attention to things that are funny and entertaining, so if you’re trying to gain more followers then you need to be frequently sharing interesting and informative content.

The connection between real estate and marketing is one that should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about either of these two industries. Essentially, as a real estate agent or broker, your job is to market (advertise and sell) properties. Thus, by becoming a better marketer you automatically become a better player in the field of real estate because you’ll not only have an enhanced ability to find buyers, you’ll also be able to find more clients, partners, and investors.

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