4 Lessons Godzilla Delivers To
Your Social Media

4 Lessons Godzilla Delivers To Your Social Media
By Marie Alonso


Godzilla, the latest in the epic movies starring arguably the most terrifying, yet misunderstood, prehistoric protagonist, dominated movie theaters in its opening weekend with a domestic total of $112 million and a foreign gross of $103 million – crushing the box office and securing the ranking of #1 movie as it hit theaters earlier this summer.

Godzilla is no stranger to stardom – this is one monster with box office mojo. In the new release of Godzilla, the planet’s most infamous monster is pitted against really nasty, formidable creatures, bolstered by scientific madness which can only mean one thing: Godzilla must save us all.

As if saving the world were not a big enough duty, the new and improved Godzilla can also teach your social media a thing or two – if you can think beyond the special effects, massive explosions, edgy dialog and buttery popcorn.


Lesson 1: Be True To Your Brand

Since Godzilla made an epic debut in Ishiro Honda’s 1954 film, Godzilla, the giant monster has been true to its branding. Appearing in numerous incarnations over the years, including television series, comic books, novels and video games, the iconic super monster is consistently destructive, yet bold, brave and ultimately, heroic. In most appearances of the embattled giant, Godzilla is a hero – a defender of humanity and the world as we know it. Audiences expect a certain message from Godzilla, and would be disappointed if Godzilla deviated from its core theme – crushed cities, nuclear threats and all.

When approaching your social media platforms, consistently crush them like Godzilla. Deliver compatible, synonymous messages, themes and educational or inspirational postings. Don’t deviate from your core branding – stay true to who and what you are, whether your social platforms are for personal branding or business branding. Honor your online reputation by keeping your social platforms brand solid. No one wants to see a picture of Godzilla in a pink bikini. Avoid embracing shock value tactics to spark social media performance. Keep true to your brand, and your social media identity will become iconic.

Lesson 2: Be True To Your Creative Vision

For the latest manifestation of Godzilla, Director Gareth Edwards shared his vision of wanting Godzilla to be so big, the atomic breath monster could be seen from anywhere in the city – one very commanding presence. Edwards wanted Godzilla, the valorous, exaggerated beast, to be a force of nature, with a devastating appearance. Edwards was determined to bring his own creative vision to Godzilla, the movie, and Godzilla, the legend. Edwards was bent on making Godzilla’s legendary roar even more chillingly powerful – and the monster’s uncontrollable wake of havoc brilliantly calamitous.

While keeping your branding consistent, energize it with creativity. Bring your own creative vision to cross-platform visual content marketing strategies and social scenarios boasting special incentives, humorous maneuvering and grand game plans. Always push for the next creative story or visual to share. Don’t simply rest on your online reputation – consistently nourish it with inventive, even ingenious, devices to stimulate social shares and solidify brand advocates.

Lesson 3: Be Ready To Be The Hero

A blockbuster legend, Godzilla is one hero that never backs away from a challenge.  Always ready to save the world, or at least overcrowded cities, Godzilla has battled fierce opponents over the years, from King Kong (another misunderstood mammoth) to foes the likes of Rodan, Mothra, Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah. Still, no matter the opponent, battle location or circumstance, Godzilla is ready to make an impact. Your social media can do the same – generate an impact to solicit a call to action, generate a lead or even just make someone’s day a little better.

Remember, social media platforms are communications platforms capable of connecting with people 24/7. Why be a stagnant social platform, when you can be an inspiring social platform? Why shy away from sharing reactions to trends and market news, when you can position yourself as a thought leader and market watcher? Why back down from the challenge of presenting a new way to look at things? At any given time, with any given post, you can literally make someone’s day!

Lesson 4: Never Give Up!

Is Godzilla known for giving up – running and hiding from a formidable challenge? No way! Once Godzilla is in the mix – whether battle or mega battle – Godzilla is all in, roar blasting, total commitment. That is how you need to be with your social media. Do creative things with your content – think visually.

How can you translate a blog to a Pinterest winner, or video?

What can you do to create a Slideshare presentation that reflects the best expertise nuggets your blog has been sharing?

What timely news can you spin on your Twitter or Facebook – perhaps even with a fun infographic to make the content share more engaging, even viral?

Think of your social media platforms, including your blog, as the foundation of your content drive. Ask what more can be done with your content to guarantee it is relevant and entertaining. Share it, show it and attract new leads – all with smart social media engagement! Don’t underestimate the power of strategic social media energy, and don’t take it for granted either. Never give up on improving and maintaining your social media branding and messaging.

Remember, you could always be one Facebook LIKE! away from a new lead or an outstanding business contact. Don’t let an opportunity of monstrous proportions go unrecognized thanks to faltering social media updates. Godzilla on!

Marie Alonso is a content strategist and social media specialist at Miles Technologies, an award-winning IT, business software, web development and online marketing firm based in New Jersey. Miles Technologies delivers robust solutions for today’s businesses, including IT consulting for today’s mobile workforce. She is passionate about brand publishing, creative content marketing and maximizing social media platforms.