4 Fundamentals of UI Design

4 Fundamentals of UI Design

It does not matter whether you are designing software, an app, or a website; an excellent user interface is integral for its success. A good user interface can be the main difference between a low bounce rate and a higher bounce rate. You may have landed on a site once or twice, where the user interface did not impress you, and you ended up finding another alternative. The same can happen to your website if your user interface is not up to the mark. An excellent interface helps a visitor understand your website and gives them a clear definition of the products or services you are offering, which helps them make a better decision. In this article, I have mentioned a few fundamentals of UI design that can help you improve your user interface.

Image by Computerizer from Pixabay

Define your User

Your goal is to build a website that is easier to understand for your targeted users. So the first thing you need to do is define the characteristics of your users. You need to keep those characteristics in mind throughout the designing process. Define what kind of content they prefer, what color scheme will appeal to them most, and what kind of elements they are more likely to click on. You can check your competitors’ websites with the same target audience to get some motivation as well.

Use Patterns That Are Already Popular

While it is right for a website to implement unique designs, it is better to keep things as simple as possible. Opting for a user interface pattern with which your target audience is already familiar with can help you gain better results. The familiarity makes it easier for visitors to navigate through your website and helps them complete user journeys instinctively without any hassle. UX experts at Adobe, describe UI design as “functional, reliable, usable, and pleasurable. A user interface design should minimize the effort that the user has to invest interacting with a product and help users accomplish their goals with ease. “You can also check UI Blogs to learn more about using UI patterns.

Consistency is The Key

Consistency matters a lot for your UI design. When a user navigates through your website, he or she becomes familiar with it. Which allows them to repeat the same process effortlessly the second time. That is why make sure you are not continually changing your user interface just for the sake of novelty. You are welcome to upload new pictures with new designs and change a color theme but refrain from making any significant changes in the interface as it will only make things difficult for your users.

Let the User Take the Control

If you have put a good amount of text on your landing page and you are adding a pop-up on it as well to push your user to take action, then you are not doing yourself or the user any favors. An excellent interface is the one where the user feels like they are in control. Instead of adding an annoying pop-up screen, provide your user with concise and valuable content, and add only one call to action on the page. The more you try to take the control away, the more users you will lose in the funnel.