4 Digital Marketing Tips for Insurance Brands

Purchasing an insurance plan was not as popular before as today. Right now, even younger adults are shopping around for the best providers knowing the value of getting covered for major life events. Two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns have only led to an increase in demand for insurance products and high enrollment rates. The Census Bureau recorded more health insurance enrollments in 2021 than in 2020.

Marketing Tips for Insurance
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As more insurance options become available, consumers are becoming more refined in terms of selecting the best brands and getting the best policies.  At this point, it’s a challenge for insurance companies to cut through the noise and promote their products online. For this, here are a few tips insurance companies can use to supercharge their digital marketing campaigns:

1. Understand How the Competition Does It

If you think your current digital marketing efforts aren’t providing a high ROI, then it pays to know what your top competitors are doing. Competitive analysis helps you not only understand consumer preferences but also identify the strategies that engage the market’s needs.

For instance, take a look at the competition and check if they’re selling the same insurance product. Then, review how they create content around the product and how it is presented across all platforms, including social media and search ads. From this, check where you’re missing out and, at the same time, analyze what’s missing in the competition’s campaign. It will just be a matter of filling up the gaps.

2. Create Great Collaterals and a Strategic Sales Funnel

Educating consumers on insurance policies is difficult as it is, so you need to create materials that explain your products comprehensively without sounding too technical.

You need to develop well-crafted content such as downloadable brochures and instructional videos. These should go well with a well-thought-out sales funnel that specifies the types of content to use for each stage in the buyer’s journey. When a prospect shows a high level of interest, use testimonials from current clients and case studies.

3. Optimize Your Website for the Best Experience

Your insurance company depends heavily on your website since it’s where prospects turn into clients. To guide them towards deciding to enroll, your website should have a functional layout that offers a seamless user experience and highlights the best things about your brand.

You should also include features such as a policy calculator and an AI chatbot that can answer questions in an instant. A lot goes into setting up insurance agency websites that are fast, easy to use, and compelling, so consider getting a digital marketing expert for the job. They should be able to help you build an online platform that makes the most of your marketing budget.

4. Double Down on Thought Leadership

When it comes to shopping around for insurance products, consumers are more drawn to brands they can trust. It’s one thing to tell your market your brand exists, but it’s another to convince them that you’re the best provider.

To stand out from other insurance providers, your brand should demonstrate a keen insight into the healthcare and insurance sectors. Use LinkedIn as your main platform for writing articles aimed at both consumers and organizations.

With YouTube, you can start a series of podcasts on developing financial literacy, picking the right policy, and understanding the more technical terms used in the insurance business. Doing these will position you as a trusted player that consumers will flock to.


Is your insurance business not getting the attention it deserves as demand in the sector picks up? Consider these digital marketing tips and enhance your brand’s position in the industry!