38,000,000 Professional Web Designers, Where Are They Creating Their Websites?

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38,000,000 Professional Web Designers, Where Are They Creating Their Websites?

The current web environment that is infiltrating our browsers on a daily basis is going through an evolutionary change. Much of this is happening right in front of our very eyes thanks to new platforms like Webydo. Have you seen it? Don’t be dismayed if you haven’t, as most of this change is occurring secretly on the other end of your browser. The end where developers and designers have long since allied in a sometimes tumultuous relationship to build the websites you view each day.

For some time now, the basic model of web development has followed a familiar pattern. Designers conjure their creative assets to paint a stylistic picture of what the web should look like. Developers are then tasked with molding these static images into forms suitable for web consumption. Easy right? By taking a look at this infographic with extensive research and industry analysis compiled by the fine folks at Webydo, we can leverage a better view of the traditional web creation trend with more concrete numbers.

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By the Numbers: Breaking Down a Busy Industry
More than 16 million websites are created every month. Of that staggering number, 74% are created by the usual developer-designer tandem. Unfortunately, this traditional method of web design comes with its fair share of unfortunate side effects. Chief among these issues is the difficulty of transferring the designer’s representation of a website to the end user’s screen in a reliable manner. Not only that, but the costs associated with those difficulties lead to expensive price tags for the customer. It’s no surprise then when we see that 70% of the web creation budget typically gets funneled to the development side of the tracks. In this $20.1 billion industry that’s a fair chunk of change.

In an attempt to stem this issue, several new pieces of software have arisen to provide the DIY user with a low cost solution. These platforms are typically template based and simply allow amateurs an easy way to create web pages for themselves. No coding necessary, just plug in your content and go. Despite the increasing popularity of these platforms, only 2% of the DIY crowd manages to reach a successful end by publishing to a domain. This solution is made even less effective when we look at the fact that only 3% of the 16 million new websites are created by the DIY’er.
Web Designers Leading the Charge

With the problem of costly, inefficient web creation largely unsolved by these DIY options, a new segment has come out of the woodwork. Composed of new and innovative B2B solutions, these platforms enable designers to take charge of the web creation industry. Where the first segment relied too heavily on developer-designer communication and the second falling flat with a lack of execution, this third segment may just be the sweet spot.

The hallmark of these platforms is codeless website creation and leading the way is Webydo. While ‘code-free’ site creation may sound familiar to the DIY segment, the difference lies in the powerful design services. Rather than simply presenting designers with a bevy of templates to build upon, Webydo provides designers with a powerful online website design studio and the freedom of creativity. This allows the designer to have full control over their projects without being tethered to a developer or writing code, and while also being able to focus on the design. Imagine having an expert coder sitting silently behind your screen busily crunching out standards compliant code as you work your design magic. Zero sacrifices being made for the sake of development schedules and you can kiss that 70% development cost goodbye.

This apparent changing of the guard in the young web industry brings with it unique opportunities. Professional web designers have shaped the face of the Internet and now stand to take a more prominent role in the overall web creation process. Word of mouth is a powerful source to bring about change, and imagine a platform that gives the designer a microphone to bring about change. Webydo’s community led platform provides designers with a participate option to actually voice their opinion and be part of shaping the features of this professional design studio.

While developers will likely always play a key role in web creation, this new crop of web design platforms helps both sides by abstracting their respective roles. Any way you slice it, it’s an exciting time in the design industry and an even more exciting time to be a professional designer with these powerful platforms, like Webydo to build your design career, build pixel perfect websites and be part of the design revolution.

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