30+ Examples Using the Word
Arbitration in A Sentence

How to Use Arbitration in A Sentence

If you’re looking for such sentences containing the word “arbitration” in them, following is a list of more than 20 such examples which use arbitration in a sentence.

However, if you want to learn more about arbitration, you can find a complete description of the word in detail along with some additional examples, synonyms, and other relevant explanations below these examples.

20 Examples Containing Arbitration in a Sentence

  1. The dispute between the two parties requires arbitration to resolve.
  2. Sam & John preferred arbitration over the disagreement.
  3. Arbitration helps in getting to a solution to some dispute.
  4. There are certain matters which are not referable to arbitration.
  5. We cannot have arbitration on taxation.
  6. Criminal matters are not considered to be requiring arbitration.
  7. Getting in disagreement with your boss about overtime might require arbitration.
  8. For resolving this dispute, we must have to seek arbitration.
  9. Instead of disputing over this issue, I’d suggest both of you about solving it through arbitration.
  10. We’ve submitted our disagreement to arbitration.
  11. This matter will eventually go to arbitration.
  12. Most of the cases are usually settled by arbitration before they even reach the courts.
  13. The arbitration panel will hear my case next month.
  14. The arbitration panel will give the final decision probably at the end of this year.
  15. In some cases & matters, arbitration becomes compulsory.
  16. His dispute was nearly impossible to get resolved but thanks to his father who advised him to move his case to arbitration.
  17. We’re lucky that we have submitted our case to the arbitration panel at the right time.
  18. The arbitration procedure will begin once the two parties agree on this.
  19. Don’t you think you need to go to arbitration for your matter to be concluded smoothly?
  20. The dispute between the two parties is still under arbitration.

What is Meant by the Word ‘Arbitration’?

‘Arbitration’ can be defined as a procedure of resolving the dispute between the two disputing parties. What happens is that the two parties that are having some sort of disagreement agree to move their matter to arbitration instead of going to the court for the conclusion.

What is the Arbitration Procedure?

An arbitrator, who is a third person between the two disputing parties, takes the matter. The arbitrator helps in resolving the disagreement between them by leading the matter towards a conclusion that is binding on both of the disputing parties.

Is Arbitration a more viable option than going to the Court?

Arbitration is a process of private justice and is different from the court proceeding. The resolution is privately made for rectifying the dispute between the two parties on their disagreement without proceeding to the court. Therefore, arbitration in such cases is considered to be a more viable solution than officially proceeding with the matter through court and prolonging it.

15 Synonyms of Arbitration

Here are the 15 alternate words that may be used in place of ‘arbitration’. These are:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Arbitrament
  3. Judgement
  4. Intervention
  5. Adjudication
  6. Agreement
  7. Civil Court
  8. Mediation
  9. Conciliation
  10. Interposition
  11. Settlement
  12. Peacebuilding
  13. Peacemaking
  14. Adjustment
  15. Compromise

13 More Examples of Arbitration in a Sentence

Here are 13 more examples using arbitration in a sentence:

  1. Let’s be like civilized people and submit this dispute to arbitration.
  2. The couple eventually agreed on submitting their divorce case to arbitration so that it might help them negotiate.
  3. In business, it’s always encouraged to seek help through arbitration.
  4. Are you looking forward to moving your case to arbitration?
  5. How can I seek arbitration for my dispute with the client?
  6. He’s well known for his most successfully closed arbitration cases.
  7. It’s not counted as an illegal act to negotiate through arbitration instead of filing law-suite.
  8. Arbitration is more like a civil court to me.
  9. We should teach businesses across the world to confidently take help from arbitration for their business matters.
  10. They were not agreeing on taking their disagreement to arbitration.
  11. Oftentimes, it is seen that the companies, which submit their matters to arbitration, become more prominent and successful over time than those which do not.
  12. I’m willing to move my case to arbitration but when will the arbitration panel be made and initiate my case proceedings?
  13. We’re glad that we decided to negotiate through arbitration which led us to an agreeable conclusion.

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