3 Ways to Optimize Videos for Your
Business Social Media Channels

Optimizing your social media videos ensures your content gets good viewership and engagement. In fact, at least 86% of businesses use social media videos in their content marketing strategy. However, you must follow an excellent social media strategy before seeing meaningful results. Before posting videos on your business social media channels, consider the following tips.

1. Keep Your Videos Short and Captivating

Creating good videos can be complex, and some people try to cram too much content in one video. When posting videos on social media, it’s vital to keep them short, since viewership tends to drop for longer videos.

Ideally, your videos should be bite-sized and packed with value for your target audience. This means you should remove all excess parts and keep the ones with relevant and engaging content. The goal is to capture the viewer’s attention, convey the message, and compel the audience to take a specific action quickly.

If you are dealing with a complex topic that needs an in-depth explanation, break it into smaller parts and create a series that tackles each part separately. However, creating a quality video for your brand requires outstanding skills to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Instead of misrepresenting your brand with armature videos, working with a professional video production Sydney firm is best.

2. Grab Your Audience Attention From the Start

The modern customer is continuously bombarded with information, reducing the average attention span on social media. It’s critical to grab their attention immediately. The first few seconds of your video determine whether a viewer will continue to watch your content or move to the next video.

Start your videos with powerful hooks, visuals, and appealing music. Include unique branding elements like logos, taglines, and specific products to ensure your audience recognizes your brand and the core message. Ideally, the intro should arouse curiosity about what you will say next, which is an essential factor in ensuring audience retention.

Always remember that most people are impatiently scrolling through their social media feeds and will move on unless your video is captivating. Before you finalize any social media video, try to determine if it has unique, attention-grabbing features. If you need help creating a captivating social media video, consider working with a professional video production company likeĀ https://www.standbyproductions.co.uk/, who can help you create a video that stands out and grabs your audience’s attention.

3. Use Reliable Metrics to Fine-tune Your Campaign

Understanding critical analytics is essential for performance optimization. Metrics and analytics offer reliable insights into what’s working or not. The insights help you identify formats and styles generating more engagement so you can replicate the features in your low-performance videos to boost viewership. On the contrary, you can identify the reasons behind the poor performance of specific videos and make adjustments.

However, you need to establish S.M.A.R.T goals to determine the best metrics to track performance. If brand awareness is your primary goal, you should focus on views, subscriptions, and shares. The source of your viewers is a critical metric since it helps you understand the best promotion channels for different types of videos.


Social media videos can nurture audience development and drive business results. However, you should create professional videos and optimize them for excellent performance. Similarly, metrics and analytics can give you data-driven insights for potential improvements.