3 Ways Self-Storage Units Can
Help Your Business

Business owners can benefit from the use of a self-storage unit for their business in numerous different ways. Whether you need extra space for your business run smoothly, want to keep additional inventory out of sight or you simply want to be able to save on the expense of owning a warehouse to put that money saved towards social media marketing, you can do just that.

Document Storage

We all know that there is a lot of paperwork involved in business and you likely have company documents, personnel documents, and customer documents to store. Many of these papers cannot be destroyed because you need to recall them later, but they take up a lot of room.

A self-storage unit is a great investment for all your papers and it can help you keep them for as long as you need without the hassle of them being in the way within your office.

As you do pack up your documents for storage, make sure that you use airtight packaging to protect the documents or keep them in file cabinets. You also want to store all documents off the floor in case of a flood.

Inventory Storage

Businesses need to keep inventory on hand, but you do not always have the room to store it. If you have inventory that you can store in a self-storage unit, you should use one for this purpose. You will find that the storage unit provides you with the additional room you need, and your items are kept safe.

If you do plan to use a storage unit for your business inventory, you should take some time to setup the unit in a way that benefits you. For example, keep all your items that you will need in a hurry towards the front and larger items that may not be needed for a while towards the rear of the unit.

One thing to keep in mind as you store your inventory would be to keep it off the ground in case there is a flood, as you do not want it to ruin your inventory.

Short-Term Storage

There are several reasons why your business may need to store furniture throughout the year and no matter the reason for your need, you can make use of a self-storage space for this purpose.

Even if you do not plan on having extra furniture to store, you may want to store furniture as you make a business move or as you renovate your office.

As you do move furniture and place it into your storage unit, make sure that you cover each piece of furniture up to protect it and always stack furniture in a fashion that it will not fall or cause other items to topple over onto you.

Check around and get the best price on a unit today. Take some time to browse your local storage units and find out which one can provide best for your business’ budget. The above three items can all be stored in a unit in addition to many other business items.