NFT’s Are Not Just Artwork!
3 Ways NFT Will Become a Part of Our Life
Sallyann Della Casa

When thinking about NFTs most people think about artwork. There has been a recent surge in interest in NFTs due to their great potential applications and their ability to solve many of our worldwide problems. Simply explained, NFT is just code that attaches anything to blockchain. Just like we save any other Excel or Word documents to the Cloud, we can attach an NFT to the blockchain. The great thing about blockchain is that it is a very secure, immutable, and verifiable platform that does not allow for data removal. This offers NFTs a variety of potential uses for industry as well as for our everyday lives.

NFT – Solution For Reaching Carbon Neutrality

NFTs could become a means of communication for our devices. What this means is that each appliance and device we have at home and use on a regular basis could be attributed to an NFT. In this way, these appliances could communicate and, therefore, make smarter decisions on our behalf. An example of this is our current and future strive to achieve carbon neutrality. If our home appliances, such as the refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioning would be connected they could each power down or reduce their energy consumption in case one of them is used more than expected on a particular day.

NFT – Autonomous Driving

Another convenient way of using NFT would be for autonomous driving purposes and efficient traffic management and communication. What that means is that, if I am in a hurry, driving on the highway, trying to make it to a meeting, my car could easily communicate with the car in front of me and could offer to pay the toll in exchange for them moving on the other lane. All of this could be done through the means of NFTs.

NFT – Human Identity

NFTs have a huge potential. Besides serving as means of communication they can fulfill so many other purposes. A great one would be tying NFTs to human identity. Human identity is a dynamic phenomenon that cannot be encapsulated in a static profile or resume. It is shaped by many things such as the conversations we have with people, the people we surround ourselves with and the projects and ideas we tackle and NFTs can capture all of this in a very simple way. This is what we have been working on at GLEAC and also what inspires our Lovely Human Project. GLEAC is creating a NFT utility called Lovely Humans by GLEAC for Industry Experts to trade their time using NFT technology in a marketplace. Utility NFTs provide value beyond that of just the scarcity enforced by traditional NFTs; and because of this utility-driven nature, they’re poised to become a game-changing phenomenon in the NFT world. Among the benefits of this utility NFT is the scarcity of the expert’s time. You will get the chance to spend 5 hours with the chosen industry expert in one year and will be able to collaborate with them on projects that both parties decide on during those conversations. Not only will you gain access to their knowledge but also to VIP events with our community of industry experts. Another benefit is that, if both parties consent, you can tokenize and monetize the conversation as there is joint ownership over the conversations. And a final perk is that you can always re-sale the artwork of the expert’s image or it can remain part of the virtual museum of industry experts alongside with any projects you collaborate on with the expert. Now imagine if you take our Lovely Humans project and make this available on all FB profiles where wisdom is tokenized.

These are only a few of the ways that NFTs will be used in the future, many of which we are not aware of. If you would like to learn more about our NFT mentor community and/or about the world of NFTs in general visit our website


Sallyann Della Casais founder of GLEAC and Founder of the Growing Leaders Foundation. She is one of the 4% of women globally who has a patent pending method and algorithm (for measuring soft skills) as a sole inventor.