3 Steps to Getting Started
with a Marketing Career

These days, many professionals are rethinking their career choices. Since the pandemic, we’re all looking at our lives a little more closely, asking ourselves whether we’re really satisfied in the roles we fill. If you’ve decided it’s time for a change, you might have found yourself being drawn to the ever-flexible and interesting world of marketing. While most industries have their ups and downs, the marketing sector has always been a relatively lucrative space for those capable of mastering it. After all, businesses are constantly searching for professionals to help them promote their brands. If you have a passion for business growth, and a good level of creativity, here are three steps you can take to start pursuing your marketing career.

Research Your Options

The first thing you should know is that the advertising world is constantly changing. The jobs that used to be available for professionals in this field only a couple of years ago may not be the same as the ones you’ll find today. As companies discover new ways of reaching their audience, they’re looking for advertising professionals with new skills. You may find yourself drawn to the concept of advertising with new technology like extended and augmented reality. Or perhaps you’ll be interested in connecting with customers through social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. You could even get involved with things like video ads on YouTube, or content marketing through blogs. Ask yourself what area you want to specialize in before you jump head-first into a new career. There are certain jobs that allow you to work remotely in this sector and some that do not so that is also something to consider and can help streamline your search when that time comes.

Develop Your Education

While you might not need a master’s degree to get started in an entry-level marketing job, you will need some level of higher education. This means applying for a college or university where you can hone your language and communication skills, or even develop a deeper knowledge of business. Depending on the kind of course you’re taking, you may need some extra financial support. Look into options like Earnest student loans to help you afford the costs of college, so you can start building out your resume with the skills high paying professionals are looking for. Remember, you may also want to look into supplementary courses to assist with the specialist areas you want to get involved in. There are even online courses for things like SEO and social media marketing.

Build Experience Wherever You Can

Once you’ve begun developing your education, one of the best things you can do to improve your chances of long-term success is to strengthen your experience. The more opportunities you have to work on campaigns and experiment with different promotional projects, the more you can put your skills to the test. Don’t be afraid to volunteer to boost your experience, or get started with entry level jobs so you can get a foot in the industry. During the early years of pursuing your new career, your focus should be on building a portfolio which showcases your knowledge and skills to potential employers. With this in mind, gather as much information as you can from each marketing project you work on, so you can demonstrate the results of the methods of you’ve tried.