3 Smart Tips to Pass the NASM

Preparing to take the NASM CPT exam can be a daunting challenge. The National Academy of Sports Medicine’s CPT exam is well known for being one of the harder exams to pass in the industry. With 120 questions in total that span 6 domains of knowledge, this exam is no small feat of accomplishment to overcome and pass. While the exam has changed over the years, there seems to be a consistent pass rate that stays around 64%.

This by no means is a terribly low pass rate, but it is indicative of the level of seriousness you have to have when attempting it. The good news is that even though this test is no simple walk in the park, it’s not unattainable. When it comes to learning how to get the score you want on the NASM, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and smart planning.

If you are preparing to take your NASM CPT exam, then here are 3 smart tips to help you pass the NASM on test day!

First, a Calendar and Manage Your Time

When it comes to taking the NASM and getting the grade that you want you to have to prepare and plan for it well. This is arguably one of the biggest parts of preparing for and conquering any exam that is difficult to take. The truth is, you only have so much capacity and so much time in a day. When preparing for an exam like the NASM, it’s not just possible to study and not be ready when test day rolls around, it’s also possible to overstudy.

If you don’t sit down, put some hard dates on the calendar, and then realistically manage your time, your test day can sneak up on you. The worst feeling in the world is when an exam starts that you know you are not prepared for. Don’t let that be you.

On the other hand, you can’t just say goodbye to your life while you are preparing for a big exam. In fact, it’s been shown that a lack of proper diet, exercise, and social interactions while preparing can actually hurt your chances of retaining the knowledge you need on test day. By having a life while you study, you allow your body natural ways to burn off cortisol and deal with stress.

Planning out your weeks leading up to an exam can help you gather a game plan and set attainable goals. This will help you know how to use your time wisely and is a winning strategy for studying appropriately for a hard exam.

Second, Get an Exam Study Guide

As has already been said, the NASM CPT exam is extensive. With 120 questions spanning six different domains of knowledge, this is no lightweight test. If you want to use your time wisely leading up to the exam, get a study guide. A study guide helps to direct you through the overwhelming amount of information that you will have to have some level of mastery over for test day.

On your own, it’s possible to take the information you need to study, digest it, and get retain what you need to retain, but the systems and work to do this are extensive. A proven, helpful NASM study guide does all the heavy lifting of helping you understand what you need to focus on.

The best thing about a competent study guide is that it will be one you can fit into your preferred schedule. That means that whatever your timeline is, a study guide can work to help supplement your knowledge and direct your attention to what matters most during your study time leading up to exam day.

Third, Find Ways to Deal with Stress

This is one of the most important aspects of studying for a big exam. Once you have the ball rolling and you aren’t just staying at the ceiling in dread and apprehension, it’s important to make sure you are mitigating stress. That can look a lot of different ways for different people.

Maybe that includes protecting the gym and workout time because your body can use exercise to burn off cortisol in a healthy way. Or maybe it means implementing more exercise into your life than usual or being sure to schedule time with friends so you can vent and destress. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, find out how you let off stress and then invest in that.

Minimizing or appropriately dealing with stress can help to improve your memory, your mood, and your ability to perform well on test days when it comes around.

Preparing for the NASM exam is hard work, but it’s something you can do well and you can get the score that you want. Properly structuring your time, using a great study guide, and then finding healthy ways to deal with stress are all great moves to set you up for success on test day!