3 Simple Ways You’re Wasting Your
Influencer Marketing Budget

Whatever your influencer marketing budget is, you have to follow your bottom line. While the smallest companies have the farthest to stretch their money, even the biggest brands have finite marketing dollars to spend. Big or small, your business needs the biggest bang for your buck.

Are you making any of these simple yet costly mistakes? They could be eating into your bottom line.

Putting Too Much Emphasis on Large Follower Counts

The number of people following an account will never be a good indicator of engagement. All too often, the biggest accounts have dismally low engagement rates.

But how can this happen if they have millions of people scrolling past their posts? The problem is a lack of genuine connection. Bigger accounts can seem larger than life, even on the small 5-inch screen of your phone.

It doesn’t help that these mega influencers rarely interact with their followers. They often miss comments or ignore DMs, neither of which encourages people to engage with branded content.

Brands that want a solid ROI are turning to nano influencers instead. According to the experts at Peersway, you can partner with 15 nano influencers for the same budget as one macro account. But more than price, quality engagement is why Peersway micro influencer agency networks with people who have fewer than 10K followers.

Nano influencers nurture closer, more authentic relationships with followers that convert into customers. As a result, nano accounts can clinch triple-digit engagement rates while cost-per-engagement stays below $0.50.

Getting Swept Up by Fakers

Did you know you can pay good money to buy followers? If you’re wondering why anyone would ever do that, it’s to seduce gullible businesses into thinking they’re an amazing opportunity.

In the best-case scenario, partnering with an Insta-faker means your endorsed post won’t be seen. That’s because the lion’s share of their bought accounts are Russian bots or dummy accounts.

In the worst-case scenario, a fraud isn’t an aspiring influencer at all. They could be as fake as their followers, using stock photos to curate an aesthetic that tricks brands into thinking they’re a creative.

This mistake is easy to sidestep by partnering with an established influencer marketing agency. These agencies vet their talent carefully to ensure they’re the real deal. Not only that, but they confirm their talent are masters at making high-quality, engaging posts before matching them with clients.

Not Staying in Your Lane

In your haste to get your campaign online, you can make this next mistake very easily. Partnering with the wrong Instagrammer happens if you aren’t careful about your niche. You might choose talent whose own brand and community don’t really fit your image or products.

It’s like seeing a rapper who’s suddenly very interested in weight loss teas. It’s a confusing partnership, and their followers can usually spot the product placement. Knowing it’s just a means to pay the bills, followers aren’t likely to check out the endorsement.

Talent and brands should be the new peanut butter and jelly, beans and rice, or Batman and Robin: perfect pairings that just make sense together. To improve your ROI, make sure you reach out to accounts that match your niche.

The Takeaway

Everyone makes mistakes, but you stand to lose a lot of money when you flub with your marketing strategy. Luckily, mistakes are just as easy to avoid, especially when you have this guide to steer you right. Remember these tips to keep your marketing dollar safe.