3 Reasons Why Sticker Marketing Should Be Amongst Your Marketing Strategies

What are your goals for this year? Do you want to grow your brand? Reach new customers? Or release a new product line? Maybe you are just starting out and want to make 2022 the year you start your own business?

We have a marketing tool that can help you achieve your goals this year while giving you the flexibility to make it work for your own brand: custom stickers.

Now, when you hear stickers, you might be thinking of kids’ books and playgrounds. But it is time to see these sticky beauties for what they are, a powerful marketing tool that can help you transform your business.

Below, we share our favorite tips and tricks all around custom vinyl stickers with you. All of these can be applied to any industry. Are you ready to find out more? Then let us jump in.

Image source: stickerit.co

1. The Rules of Brand Marketing

Marketing is a battle fought in the mind. Why do we prefer certain brands when we can buy their product from other businesses? Burger King and McDonald’s. Apple and Samsung.

One simply feels like a better choice. And this feeling is highly subjective and hard to engineer. Brand perceptions are formed in the mind of the consumers, nurtured by marketing and personal experience.

It means that, while we cannot engineer a gut feeling, we can send messages to the consumers to convince them of the quality of a product and create familiarity before they even make a purchase.

Stickers are an amazing tool for that. They are sharable and can quickly come to symbolize what your brand is all about, making them the perfect tool to get to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

All-round marketing solutions can easily exceed your budget, especially if you are a small business or are just starting out. Stickers mark the exception to this rule.

Custom sticker printers, like this one here, allow you to not only submit or create your own design. You can also choose your sticker material, the sizes, shape, and the quantity that works best for you. This means you can order a tailor-made marketing solution.

On top of that, each individual sticker usually only comes to a few cents, especially when you place an order for larger quantities, as bulk discounts are applied. There is also the possibility that you can save money on your other packaging materials since you can now order these in plain and brand them at your leisure.

Image source: stickerit.co

3. Everybody Loves a Sticker

Okay, it is not quite that easy, but the statement rings true. No matter how old we are, stickers have a certain allure. When we receive a free sticker, we do not even think of them as a marketing tool.

This can be very powerful as it allows your brand to forge positive associations beyond direct marketing. Our top tip is to include free stickers with every purchase, hand them out in front of your store, or share them at industry events.

And the best thing? It can even increase your conversion. When we receive a gift, we feel the need to return this favor to the person or business that gifted us. This can mean that customers are more likely to buy from you again, recommend your business to a friend, or use your stickers.

By using your logo or slogan on their water bottles or as a laptop sticker, you not only create brand ambassadors, but also increase your reach and visibility exponentially – all for the price of a sticker.

Now, what do you think? Do you want to give sticker marketing a try? We hope so and are excited to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the section below if you would like to share your experience or have any questions.