3 Marketing Tips You May Not Have Heard Before

3 Marketing Tips You May Not Have Heard Before

When it comes to market research and how better to promote your business, you can easily be swamped by the extensive information available out there. You begin to see a pattern in the suggestions – write a blog, engage via social media and use good SEO skills, to name a few – and while these marketing strategies are all very important, it may sometimes feel like you’re not doing much different to those other businesses.

In a competitive business world where it’s important always to stand out, here are some alternative marketing tips you may not have considered before.

Cut Back on the Sales Pitch 

Of course, your business’s ultimate goal will always be to increase sales and gain more profit, and your marketing strategy should reflect this. However, pressurized or over-the-top sales promotion can actually work to put off potential customers. Nobody enjoys being pushed into a sale, especially if they are researching a new brand and are trying to get to know the business before deciding whether to commit.

You should work to spend more time building relationships and providing value before jumping to the quickest way to make a sale. This could be in the form of free and interesting content on your website which isn’t tailored around making a sale or could be teaching your audience valuable insights into your industry, without the pressure for them to buy in return. Consumers will then feel more positive about your brand message and be more likely to invest in you anyway.

Use Google Maps as Part of Your SEO Strategy

SEO is all about Google and how you can better rank on its top pages – but did you know that Google Maps can also help with your ranking, too? Having your business listed with Google Maps not only helps to increase your chances of being found but is also an essential part of building trust with a potential new customer who may be undertaking their research into your business. If a consumer can find you via Google Maps and take a look at your official business premises and address, this immediately builds more trust than a business whose premises cannot be found, or perhaps reveals a less than encouraging-looking street view.

By implementing a Google Maps SEO Service, you’re utilizing Google’s best business tools and improving the accuracy of your marketing.

Understand the Individual Rather Than Their Search Term 

Keyword research will always be paramount to any digital marketing strategy. You need to learn which terms your target audience is using to search for a product online. Yet simply knowing the most popular search term isn’t enough. To go one better, you need to understand the consumer’s need and their motivation behind their search. Once this is understood, you can better tailor your keywords and product towards what it is exactly that they are trying to find. Your end goal is to be everything the consumer needs and is searching for, and not just the landing page for one of their specific search terms.