3 Lead Generation Tips for SaaS Businesses

If you’re trying to get new leads for a SaaS startup today, generic unfocused emails and one-size-fits-all marketing strategies just aren’t going to cut it. One Forrester study found that up to 90% of a SaaS customer’s journey is completely self-directed. You can also expect your clients to look at multiple other solutions before they pick or find yours. This is why you will need to focus on finding out where your clients are, showing that you understand their problems, and offering your service as a solution. Let’s take a look at a few lead generation tips for SaaS businesses.

Identify Your Best Fit Leads

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to SaaS leads so find out who will benefit from your service the most. Understanding who your best fit leads are will allow you to narrow down your marketing strategy and target high-quality leads.

The best way to know who your best fit leads are is through outreach. Try to reach out to as many companies as possible and try to see who is the most interested in your product. You can then offer them a free trial to get a better idea of where you need to improve and identify some of your leads’ pain points.

Once you have a nice repository of initial leads, you can start building user personas. These will play a very important role in crafting your lead generation strategy.

Offer Free Solutions

Another thing we suggest you do is offer a free tool that is complementary to your main platform. A free tool can help showcase your core product and solve some of your leads’ problems, but not entirely, which could push them to go for your product later. Not only that, but free tools will allow you to gather something extremely precious: zero party data.

If you don’t know what zero-party data is yet, you will need to get familiar with it fast as Google is slowly phasing out third-party cookies and jurisdictions around the world are limiting the amount of data companies can collect without users’ consent. Trying to get data to inform your lead generation strategies will become extremely difficult, but you could use a free tool to get access to valuable and actionable user data while still being compliant.

Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy has got to be fluid and assist your prospective prospect at every stage of the sales funnel. Don’t try to cast a wide net or your efforts will be unfocused. Instead, try to focus on queries and create long-form semantic pieces that will both get traction on search engines and guide your leads effortlessly through the buyer journey. This is the most essential tip to follow when generating a leads database.

The most important thing here is that you should focus on helping your potential clients solve their pain points first and foremost. Only when they’re at the decision stage should you start selling your product. In the beginning, you need to inform them about the problems they may be facing as they may not even be aware of them.

For instance, there is no point in showing your clients how to choose a click fraud protection software if they don’t even know what click fraud is. So, focus on education as much as you can. This could also be a good opportunity to discreetly showcase your free tools and get prospective clients in your lead pipeline.

If you are struggling to get leads or are just starting to build your strategy, follow these few tips. You’ll not only be able to generate more leads, but they’ll be much more targeted and valuable as well.