3 Innovative Ways to Keep Things Running During a Power Outage

3 Innovative Ways to Keep Things
Running During a Power Outage

Experiencing a power outage at work really complicates things.

When you’re trying to run a business effectively, a power outage is less than ideal. Not only does it put your operations in danger, but it disrupts your employees’ workflow and creates a mental hurdle that makes it difficult to get anything done.

Today, we’re going to help you out by telling you 3 of the best and most innovative ways to keep things running smoothly during a power outage. You can’t control the weather or your city’s power industry, but you can prepare for these kinds of situations so that they don’t detract from what you do.

Install a Power Generator ASAP

If you really want to tackle this problem before it arises, you should consider getting a generator. With one of these installed, you’ll have a store of power to keep things running, regardless of whether the city’s power is out.

Something many businesses are beginning to implement is the use of permanent or portable solar panels as not only a backup solution, but as a main source of power. There are numerous benefits to going solar, chief among them being the solar credits and tax breaks that you get from using sustainable energy. Visit PoweredPortableSolar.com to learn more about solar power and look at the many different solar panels that you can choose from for your business.

Backing Things Up

Even with a generator kicking in when the power goes out, you’re going to lose a lot of work and important files if you don’t have everything backed up on the cloud. Having automatic cloud backup and recovery solutions implemented will prevent this from happening and if done correctly, you should have immediate access to your most up to date work.

You’ll also need a backup plan when it comes to WiFi. Using a system of personal data hotspots can keep everything running smoothly in the moments after the power outage, as long as you’ve got a generator to quickly take over. It’s also important to keep backup batteries for everyone’s computer, in the event that the outage lasts more than a few hours. Ideally, you don’t want laptops and other battery-powered devices taking the juice from your generator.

Know Who You Need Around

Depending on what type of business you run, you may be able to send some of your employees home during a power outage. For instance, if you’ve got hourly employees that can’t perform their tasks without power, then you should call the power company to find out how long the expected outage will be and consider sending those employees home.

The best thing you can do to make things run as smoothly as possible is having a list of core employees that you need around no matter what. If the outage is going to last a while, send the rest of your employees home and work with a skeleton crew until it’s over.

Combatting a Power Outage Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you plan ahead, a power outage won’t even ruin your day, let alone have any lasting effects on the continuity of your business. Follow these tips and you’ll have a great head start when it actually happens. It might feel unimportant now, but you won’t be saying that when you’ve lost hours of work because of an outage, so prepare now and relax later.