3 Helpful Tips When Building a Website

Whether you’re launching a new website for your small business or independent contractor service, you want to get it right to reach your target audience with high-quality SEO content, strong graphics and more. However, if you’re new to building a website, you might find the process challenging.

Of course, a lot goes into building a website that expresses your business’s mission and vision, the products and services you offer, and the benefits you provide to consumers when they do business with you.

Fortunately, with a few basic features, tips and strategies, it’s easier than you might think. Here are three helpful tips to think about when building a website from the ground up.

Invest in a Unique Domain Name

If you’re creating a website on your own, you might feel tempted to go with the free version available with many of the DIY website builders. However, the better option is to invest in a paid website design plan that offers you a custom domain without the website building company’s name or logo. After all, it’s all about your brand when you buy your domain, and your customers will take that more seriously, knowing you believe your website means enough to pay for a full plan. Investing in yourself and your business instills confidence in your customers and prospects.

Hire a Skilled Professional Web Designer

You probably have a vision for your website, featuring an intricate and eye-catching design. If you aren’t well-versed in website design, you might find this task alone will cost you a lot of time and potential visitors who turn into customers. But experts note that web design does have a strong impact on buyers’ choices and decision-making, often serving as a determining factor in their decision to continue shopping or leave the website. In that sense, make sure you discuss adding these essential design elements to your website with your website designer:

  • A powerful color scheme that, ideally, has meaning to or for your business
  • Product, how-to and explainer videos that engage visitors and provide vital information
  • A clear and forthright unique value position that states why your guests should choose your brand
  • Badges, endorsements and certifications, also known as “trust symbols,” from local businesses, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Angie’s List that verify your business’s professionalism, product or service quality and commitment to your customers
  • Simple navigation and minimal menu options that make it easier to guide visitors to specific areas, such as your blog page or the checkout and payment page

Develop a Strong SEO Content Strategy

A robust content strategy is an essential element for your website if you want to ensure visibility and traffic heading your way. Today’s top search engines use specific algorithms and key performance indicators to direct online traffic to specific websites based on certain keywords and high-quality, informative content that offer your visitors value. Essentially, a strong SEO strategy makes it easier for your customers to find your website. Thus, work with a professional SEO content strategy firm to develop content tactics that attract guests, ultimately turning them into loyal customers who love and trust your brand.

Get Started on Your Website to Help Your Customers Find You Quickly and Easily

With a well-designed website that lays out your business’s values and goals and provides quality goods or services, you’ll soon find consumers who want to spend more time on your website and become loyal customers. By working with a website designer and SEO content strategist and buying a unique domain name, you’re showing visitors and customers alike that you mean serious business.