21st Century Business Marketing: Are You Doing It Right?

21st Century Business Marketing: Are You Doing It Right?

Running a business has always been tough, but now that we’re a little way into the twenty-first century, it’s even tougher. Whatever line of work you’re in, chances are there are a lot of other companies out there offering the same product or service. So what are the factors that are going to make people come to you for business, rather than the competition? Price and quality have a fair role, but primarily, it’s marketing. Here are just a few ways to make sure you’re marketing your business right.

21st century marketing

Social Media

When it comes to good marketing, social media is at the top of the list. Having a Facebook page is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to market your business. People spend hours a day on social media, so it’s where customers will find you when they’re not actively searching. Competitions and promotions are a great way to have your page shared and followed. Paid Facebook advertising is another way to reach your target market, as Facebook already has information on their age, location, gender, and interests.

Online Content

Statistically, companies with an online following through a blog or newsletter are more successful. For this reason, having a company website and posting interesting, good quality content could do wonders for business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has grown far beyond the stereotypical spam emails sent to a generic list of thousands of people. Email marketing companies now “sell” lists based on certain criteria that fit your target market. By sell, we mean that they will send your marketing content to the client list, while never actually divulging said list.


The goal of any business is to find, and be found by customers. Most people looking for a specific product or service start their search with a search engine. While the option is always there to pay for search engine advertising, it can be expensive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to improve your chances of being found in a search engine naturally.

By linking to your site using particular words and phrases both related to your business, and that people will likely search for, you both increase traffic to your company website and make yourself easier to find in a search engine. SEO increases your ‘organic’ rankings, meaning you’ll likely be in the first few pages of a google search, rather than the last few.

Ii may be worth your while to hire a consultant for digital marketing. You’re an expert in your field, so why not hire someone to market your business who’s an expert in theirs?

David Desbons, Digital Consultant has more than ten years of experience in his fields of brand/product development and marketing strategy. With names like Canon, BP and American Express under his belt, David has made quite the name for himself. With a huge range of specialties, all under the digital marketing umbrella, he’s at the top of his field and is a regular guest speaker and online journal contributor.