2021 Digital Marketing Trends

The marketing landscape is evolving faster than ever before. As more and more people turn to social media for information and entertainment, vendors increasingly focus on pushing promotional messaging through these channels. But digital marketing itself is changing rapidly, incorporating artificial intelligence and voice search engine optimization, among other emerging technologies.

To effectively reach your target audience in this ever-changing environment, you need to align yourself with these new trends. There are several trends to think about incorporating into your marketing.

Personal Marketing

Much as the world is continually moving towards automation dependency, consumers still value a personal connection with sellers. Research shows that the majority of consumers find generic broadcasted advertising irritating. On the other hand, 90 percent of the survey respondents didn’t mind more personal advertisements. You, therefore, need to adopt technologies that facilitate that one-on-one communication.

Email marketing is one of these channels. Instead of the traditional blind email blasts, adopt an email marketing campaign based on data-driven customer profiles. This way, you’re sure your messaging is consumed by someone more likely to respond positively. For example, the airline that sends suggestions to customers based on their travel history is more likely to get a positive response than one that simply sends blanket emails.

Video Marketing

The eruption of social media and the proliferation of online video streaming significantly contributed to the overwhelming consumption of video online. Researchers predict that by 2022, more than 80 percent of internet traffic will be driven by video.

Simply producing promotional videos is not enough. The video has to be shot and edited to almost cinematic standards, and the content has to reflect current events. Your video is more likely to capture viewers’ hearts and minds if, for instance, you mention the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you don’t have the expertise to create such videos, you should seek professional assistance. Look for NYC creative agencies that can help you produce such content cost-effectively. Being able to promote your products within budget is crucial for any business.

As you source for quotes from various agencies, make sure you review their past work and, if possible, talk to some of their past clients.


Influencers could be celebrities in other realms, but they are primarily content creators on social media platforms who managed to amass a huge following. Instagram and YouTube were particularly instrumental in giving rise to the influencer phenomenon. Influencer marketing is simply the practice of leveraging on the following influencers command to make your brand and your products visible to a wider audience.

As you scout for influencers to engage in this regard, you should look at more than just the number of followers they have or the likes their posts attract. They should have a good reputation in their niche community and, more importantly, have deep knowledge of your particular product niche.

Social media advertising using your own handles can be akin to broadcasting blindly. Influencer marketing allows you to target your messages to a specific niche. Having the message delivered in a natural way by a voice that they trust will make your advertising feel more like a referral by a friend.


Today people are more aware of inequality and injustice wherever it happens around the world, thanks largely to social media. Big brands recently started publicly showing solidarity with social justice causes after perceiving that buyers are more likely to patronize them if they do so. A report showed that more than 60 percent of global consumers would buy from or boycott a brand based on their support for or passivity to inclusivity.

Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many changes upon businesses. Many businesses encouraged staff members to work from home to reduce the risk of infection. A survey showed that most businesses have their entire marketing team telecommuting.

Remote working can help you save on office space and the hours wasted on daily commutes. It also presents an opportunity to foster closer cooperation between departments that may not traditionally see eye to eye.

The Early Bird…

Instead of reacting to changes in the marketing landscape, try to anticipate them and be among the early adopters, reaping the rewards in sales. How do you do this? Have an element in your marketing plan that scans the horizon for emerging trends and does the necessary research on their viability as outreach tools.