20 Signs You Are Too Obsessed with Creating Content

20 Signs You Are Too Obsessed with Creating Content
By Mike Brown

It’s easy, once you start blogging, to get frustrated and fall out of the habit of writing regularly.

Others can become too obsessed with thinking about what to blog about and creating content.

I’ll admit to being in the too obsessed about creating content camp. I’m not proud of that—it’s just kind of how things are right now.

20 Signs You Are Too Obsessed with Creating Content

And figuring one of the first steps to correcting being overly focused on what to blog about it is to identify the symptoms, here are twenty warning signs you are obsessed with creating content.

How many describe you?

  1. Your life’s motto is ABCC: Always Be Creating Content.
  2. Never being without something to capture an idea or to start getting notes down for a blog post.
  3. Knowing the exact number of blog posts in queue and what day/date they will run out.
  4. Having half-started (or “half-completed” —depending on how you look at it) blog posts scattered through multiple files and notebooks.
  5. Thinking, “That the blog post half-started or half-completed’ thing is a good idea for a blog post.”
  6. Taking photos of things you see not because they are interesting in and of themselves but because they could be future blog post photos.
  7. Forgetting what you’ve previously written and accidentally creating content that’s pretty much the same every six months.
  8. Focusing so much on what you still have to write you have no idea what the blog post for today is.
  9. Knowing pretty much the exact number of words you’ve written for your blog since its inception.
  10. Categorizing people based on how likely interacting with them is to inspire a new blog post.
  11. You’ve written a complete blog post on your phone in a doctor’s office waiting for the doctor to show up. (Bonus points if it was “multiple blog posts,” and you’ve done it multiple times.)
  12. Spending more time backing up your blog files than you do your financial records.
  13. Spending any time at all contemplating what the best number of items is to attract readers to a list blog post.
  14. When you get sick, the first thing you think about is whether you have enough blog posts written for the length of time the illness might keep you in bed.
  15. Scheduling your entire day to start at 5:10 a.m. so you can check the editing on your new blog post before the daily blog email goes out to readers.
  16. You’ve taken a personal vow to blog, “For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, ’til death does my blog stop.”
  17. Factoring how much content you’ve created into your assessment of how good a day has been.
  18. Praying for the inspiration and creativity to come up with fresher content than you have created recently.
  19. Needing to write THIS blog post on a Saturday night at 11:30 before you allow yourself to go to bed.
  20. After writing this post, thinking, “Could I still get one more post done before going to sleep?”
How did you score?

Are you too obsessed with what to blog about?

I’m not sure yet what the minimum score is to suggest you are too obsessed with creating content. I’m guilty on all twenty, but maybe a fourteen or fifteen signals a problem (as in, “Hi, I’m Mike, and I have a problem with blogging taking over my life.”)

Take the quiz, and let me know what you think.

Mike Brown is the founder of the Brainzooming Group. He has been at the forefront of leading Fortune 500 culture change, contributing new approaches in research, developing simplified tools for innovation, strategy planning, and aligning sales, marketing, and communications strategies for maximum business results. Additionally, he’s won multiple awards for his strategic brand-building approach to customer experiences in NASCAR and conference event marketing efforts.