10 Things The Best Social Media Campaigns Have in Common

10 Things The Best Social Media Campaigns Have in Common

The most useful marketing today takes place on social media outlets. This just so happens to be where the biggest audiences are and where people communicate, vent, and inform or entertain themselves.

To create a useful campaign, there are several steps you should keep in mind.

Hallmarks of the Best Social Media Campaigns

There are a few constants that you will see with the most successful social media campaigns today. When you’ve mastered these points, you should be headed in the right direction for any campaign you are creating.

Consider the following:

They Fit the Tone of the Brand

Getting your brand voice together is one of the most necessary and useful parts of your marketing efforts.

Whenever a social media campaign breaks through, part of the reason is that the marketing effort matched the tone of the brand that created it. Your campaign should fit your sensibilities and should contain a through-line of how your company communicates as a whole.

Be sure that you carry this consistency with you no matter what kind of marketing tools you’re using.

The Campaign Spans Multiple Platforms

It’s no longer feasible or practical to have a pet social media platform that you stick to while shunning the others.

Instead, you’ll need to create every campaign to work across multiple platforms. Do so with consistency, but with the understanding of each platform’s differences.

That way, you can make changes in communication style depending on the social media outlet you are using.

The Plan Was Well-Thought Out and Strategic

When a social media campaign works well, chances are great that some serious planning and brainstorming went into it.

Sure, we all love the story of posting something funny or interesting on a whim, going to sleep, and waking up to see that that piece of content went viral. While this happens all the time, it’s so unlikely that you shouldn’t set out with any marketing plan hoping for this to happen.

Instead, follow in the footsteps of the marketers that think out each and every detail, and any unanticipated additional success will be a bonus.

Clear and Measurable Goals Were Set

Bear in mind that we’re talking about marketing campaigns — not just waking up and doing marketing every day.

The very act of establishing a campaign means that it should have an overarching goal, along with smaller goals that lead to it. Set hard deadlines for each goal in your marketing plan, and have plans of action to reach them.

The Content Was Compelling

More often than not, successful social media campaigns take off when the content was too compelling to ignore.

This applies to all facets of content, including photos, videos, and audio. Always be sure that the content you create is rooted in your authentic creativity, and let that be your standard-bearer.

Photos and Video Were Used

More often than not, any social media marketing that takes off will also include multimedia. You will need to use quality photos and videos to really make your social media posts stand out.

The companies that really thrive with their multimedia use also take it a step further with snappy hashtags and slideshows.

The Campaign Creator Was Aware of the Rules and Nuances of the Platform

When you see people have success with social media marketing, it is always clear that they understand the nuances and differences that each platform has.

By understanding the rules, you can avoid the setbacks and lost time that comes with getting your post flagged or taken down. You will also need to learn as much as you can about the little differences that each platform has.

The better you understand these sorts of points, the more visibility and success you will receive.

Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Principles Were Followed

Don’t forget that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will always be a major piece of the puzzle. You need to learn and use the strategies that will help you get more likes and shares for all your posts.

This helps you get ranked better on Google, which is the end-game for any successful social media marketing campaign. Once you master Google, the success of your marketing will start to take care of itself.

Engagement Was a Continuous Conversation

Whenever you see posts and campaigns that get people talking, the conversation is almost always a two-way street.

The poster will ask some sort of question that prompts people to weigh in on it. The best marketers will also scroll through the comments and leave some responses of their own.

When your followers know that you will respond, they will always participate in conversations.

Analytics Were Used

More often than not, the campaigners that truly found success also used some form of analytics. It’s the tool that marketers from all backgrounds are using now, so you will need to acquire and use the best tools if you want to keep up.

This will help you reach the demographics that are best served by your campaign.

Consider These Points When Creating a Social Media Campaign

So what work goes into the best social media campaigns? The points above are some of the constants that you can expect to see in a successful campaign. Put these tips to use so that your marketing campaign is a successful one.