10 Reasons to Outsource Your SEO

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of any website marketing strategy. It helps brands get found on the Internet. And it encourages people to create useful content for web users. Most people that run a website have some knowledge of SEO. They might even perform a few tasks to improve their site’s SEO.

But, as a site gets bigger, managing search engine optimization can be a nightmare. More time and effort needs to get devoted to the cause. And if you already have a busy schedule, that’s just not feasible. Last month we talked about the pros and cons of in-house SEO versus outsourcing. For today’s post, we’d like to play devil’s advocate and expand on why outsourcing SEO is a good idea. Are you unsure whether to continue handling your search engine optimization alone or not? If so, this article is for you.


Here are ten reasons why outsourcing your website’s SEO is good for you:

1) Your Time Is Precious

If you run a website for your business, you’ll know how much time it takes to manage. You have to deal with aspects like sales orders, social media marketing and more. On top of that, you still have to handle the usual tasks that a business demands each day. Time is a precious commodity for entrepreneurs. Give yourself more time by letting a professional deal with your SEO. You can then concentrate on other aspects of your daily business affairs.

2) Outsourcing Your SEO Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

Let’s face it. You have a website because you want to increase brand awareness. You also wish to sell your products and services to an online audience. You might not think it, but hiring a professional is cheaper than you would have imagined. You will no doubt value your time at a certain rate per hour. When you do your SEO yourself, you lose out on earning that money. You might think that hiring an expert will cost even more money than you’d make. Believe it or not, SEO consultant services can save you money.

3) There’s No Learning Curve

The thing about search engine optimization is you have to spend time learning a large amount of material. SEO is an industry that evolves at such a rapid pace; your head could go into a spin. Sure, you might read the Webmaster Guidelines set out by Google. But, they don’t tell you all there is to know about SEO. Plus, the web is full of misinformation, so you could end up doing more harm than good.

4) You Can Achieve A High Return On Investment

Obviously, SEO services don’t come for free. But, when you outsource your search engine optimization, you can enjoy a high ROI. In fact, it’s safe to say your SEO costs will get covered with ease. And you’ll soon be growing your business with the extra brand exposure. Unless you dedicated all your time to SEO, there’s no way you could ever enjoy a high ROI from your efforts. Your time is better spent on other areas of your business. Let Calgary SEO take care of your search engine optimization.

5) You’ll Learn More About Problems With Your Website

You might think that your site looks brilliant and has the right formula to attract new visitors. But, did you know it’s likely you could be making some mistakes and not even know it? For instance, the way that you link to pages could be wrong. Or you might not have the right keyword density on your pages. Only an SEO expert can examine your content and tell you what’s wrong.

6) You Don’t Have The Right Skills And Experience

It’s likely that your area of expertise will lie with what you do for a living. Many business owners take it upon themselves to carry out any SEO work. The trouble with that approach is they seldom have the right skills and experience. Sure, you might think you’d like to “have a go” at doing SEO yourself. But, if you’re serious about making money from your business, it pays to use a professional. Stick with what you’re good at. Don’t try to be a Jack-of-all-trades.

7) SEO Experts Will Have Links With Other Service Providers

Search engine optimization is something that encompasses a broad array of techniques. For example, one of them is link building. This is where you have external sites linking to relevant content on your site. SEO professionals will have relationships with other site owners. Content marketing is something they specialize in. If you try to do the SEO work yourself, you are unlikely to have a list of sites you can work with for link building.

8) Outsourcing Is Cheaper Than In-House

Large scale SEO work is expensive if you hire people to work for you directly. Last month’s post on in-house versus outsourced SEO goes into some detail on that point. I won’t expand much on what has already been said other than to say that outsourcing is cheaper. For instance, you won’t have to pay overhead like tax, insurance and pensions. Nor do you have to pay for staff that are absent because of vacation or sickness.

9) SEO Will Bore You To Tears After A While

There’s isn’t anything particularly exciting about SEO work. It’s tedious, and it means you have to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. It makes sense for you to devote your time to more engaging pastimes: Like making money. Search engine optimization is something only for those with a very analytical mindset. If you’re more of a creative type, SEO will bore you to tears.

10) Outsourced SEO Can Help You Improve Your Social Media Strategies

Outsourced SEO is also useful for increasing popularity on social media. Why? Because you can create targeted campaigns with the right landing pages on your site. For example, this will also mean a higher quality score on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.