10 of the Hottest Social Networking
Sites & Apps to Look Out For

Business owners are regularly looking for new ways to effectively advertise and promote their products and services to their intended audiences. Social media has made it easier than ever for businesses to get in touch with their customers, whether sharing content or responding to customer comments and reviews.

In the modern digital age, it’s imperative that your business remains in contact with its audience, and social media makes that possible. Furthermore, it allows you to connect with influencers who can promote your brand just the same, all to their own benefit.

But with so many social media apps available, which are the right ones for your company? While there are many different networking apps popular around the world, we will focus solely on sites and apps popular here in the United States—Chinese apps such as QQ and Qzone are popular solely in their own country. Here are some of the hottest sites and apps your business should consider.

1. TikTok

TikTok has taken the U.S. by storm over the past year, with millions of users flocking to the video-sharing platform. Somewhat similar to Instagram and more like the past sensation that was Vine, TikTok has become a hub for humor, introspection, and community among all demographics. Businesses can get in on the trend by creating accounts of their own or by creating an affiliate marketing strategy built around newfound influencers.

2. Twitter

A hub for news, art, politics, and comedy, Twitter is a social space for everyone. Brands have gotten in on the trend, making personalities for themselves on the platform—think of the way Wendy’s presents itself to Twitter users—but while some brands use Twitter as an outbound marketing platform, many others use it as a customer service channel.

3. Facebook

The most popular social media site around the world, Facebook has established itself as a driving social network for over a decade now. For businesses, getting started on Facebook is easy, from creating a page to sharing posts to followers and friends. Yet the app can dive deeper if you’d like it to. From placing ads to becoming part of their partnership network, you can effectively reach niche audiences with targeted content.

4. Messenger

An app connected to Facebook, Messenger is (unsurprisingly) a messaging-dedicated app accessible via smartphone. This is a great way for companies with business Facebook pages to interact with customer comments and questions whenever, wherever. Customer service is key when it comes to interacting with your audience, so it’s in your best interest to respond to requests on a timely basis.

5. Instagram

A photo and video sharing app, Instagram is a place where people can curate their existence into an approachable aesthetic. Whether it’s nature photography, personal artwork, or social photos of friends and family, people can create the vibe they want to portray.

Instagram is great for businesses, whether to present their own aesthetic paired with its products and services or for the ability to interact with potential customers. To the latter point, businesses can rely on affiliate marketing strategies to increase both engagement and sales conversions.

6. Reddit

Known as the “Front Page of the Internet,” Reddit is a platform where users can submit links, videos, questions, stories, and more. The site is structured through various subreddits—communities structured to specific content, aesthetics, interests, and ideologies—from politics to sports, digital media apps to artistic interests. Reddit is great ground for businesses, whether to advertise within niche subreddits or to scour the site for possible content ideas.

7. YouTube

A video-sharing platform where users watch over one billion hours of content each day, YouTube is a premier platform for people looking to create visual content and foster a strong community. Having created numerous digital sensations, this platform has made it easy to share your personality and ideas with the world.

Businesses can greatly benefit from the model YouTube has created, whether creating a channel of your own or by relying on affiliates who can promote your products and services either prior to or after their videos.

8. WhatsApp

An incredibly popular messaging app used around the world, WhatsApp is most well-known for its American users relying on it to easily message with people from around the world.

The social app has expanded its business platform, over recent years, making it easier for companies to build their own profile. Through their business profile, companies can effectively communicate with customers, whether providing customer support or sharing updates about current purchases.

9. LinkedIn

Many people know LinkedIn as a resume and job search site, but it’s evolved into much more than that. Nowadays, LinkedIn acts as a professional social networking site where professionals can share content, meet new people, and construct their personal brand.

Businesses have been able to make great leaps, thanks to LinkedIn, where they can share professional content with followers, seek out possible clients, and establish a hub where they can share their industry expertise. Furthermore, the site has recently allowed businesses to advertise on the site, whether boosting personal ads or sharing job postings to the right clients.

10. Medium

An online publishing platform, Medium is like a modern-day blogging site that has a built-in social network. Individuals looking to build their own personal brand can create their own profile through which regular posts can be shared with their audience. For businesses, Medium can make for an excellent company blog, where original content can be shared and republished to extend their audience.

There are a number of social media apps and sites available to companies and users, and every one of them can prove to be beneficial in one way or another. Knowing which one is right for your company takes some research, but it might be in your best interest to employ a combination of the ones listed above.