10 Google Drive Tips That Will Change the Way You Work

10 Google Drive Tips That Will Change the Way You Work

Google Drive came out on April 24, 2012. It’s the leading file storage and synchronization service from Google.

You probably don’t even remember what life was like without it.

That’s how prevalent its use is now. Indeed, Google Drive has more than a billion users. That number is expected to continue rising as more people continue to discover what a useful resource it is.

Whether you already consider yourself a pro with Google Drive or are new to it, our tips will help you manage your files better. Keep reading to discover our top Google Drive tips we consider a must-know.

Top 10 Google Drive Tips

Google Drive is known for its wide array of uses and flexibility.

Whether you’re working alone or need to share for collaboration, Google Drive can help. You can share Excel documents with your team, or send a document link to your editor so they can copyedit your mistakes.

And if you have a Mac computer, no problem. Google Drive sync for Mac requires a few extra steps after download, but after that should function the same as it would for any other computer.

There are multiple uses for Google Drive. Some you may not even know about. Our top 10 tips are:

Collaborate with Your Team on a Document

If you need to work with someone on the same Google Drive document, you can share your file with multiple people.

There’s a function to even control the levels of editorial power each person has. You can make it to where some can Edit, Comment, or do no more than View it.

Once you have people added to the file, you can chat with them in real-time through a chatbox. As with most chatbox functions, if you need to switch to a different tab, you’ll get a notification when a new message arrives in the chat.

Get Notified of Edits in Your Inbox

Google Drive sells big on its syncing format.

If you’ve shared a document with your team, you can choose to be notified of updates when someone makes changes to the document. This saves you valuable time of having to click into individual documents and scan it for changes or hope your team remembers to inform you of edits.

Make Use of the Search Function

Files can add up fast in Google Drive. If you didn’t set up an organizational system for all your documents from the outset, it can get downright messy.

You’re in luck, though, because even Google Drive has a search bar.

Located at the very top next to the magnifying glass, the Search Drive function can let you customize your search by type, owner, and location.

Save Whatever You Need Straight off the Web

There are multiple extensions available for Google Drive. The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension will let you save documents, images, audio, videos, and more right off the web page.

If you write content often and find yourself needing to save full-page screenshots, this extension will be a lifesaver for you.

Everyone Loves Color-Coordination

Who doesn’t like things to look nice and eye-catching?

If you’re craving a little color for your Google Drive folders, you can select a variety of colors to help them stand out more.

Get Rid of Long Links by Shortening Them

There are a few URL shortener add-ons available for Google Chrome.

Once installed, you’ll be able to left-click on an ugly link that’s almost a mile long and be given the option to shorten it.

Assign Tasks to Your Team

This is a comment feature that a surprising amount of people don’t know about.

First, highlight text in a document or a cell in Google Sheets. Then hit the comment button.

Once the comment box pops up, type in a plus (+) sign. This will create a dropdown menu from which you can select an added team member to assign an action item task.

This is an excellent way of managing workloads and being notified of when something is completed and needs your final approval.

Scan Important Documents or Receipts

Did you know that the Google Drive app for Android has a feature where you can save receipts to the cloud?

All you need to do is open the app on your phone, tap the small plus symbol in the lower-right corner, then select “Scan”. This lets you save your receipt on the go as an image that it turns into a PDF in your Google Drive.

Edit PDF Files as a Normal Document

If you have a PDF you need to edit, then don’t fret. With Google Drive, you can turn this PDF into a normal document with ease.

While on the file menu selection, choose “Open with” from the options. Then select “Google Docs” from the collapsible list. Google Drive will then convert your PDF into a plain text Google Document.

Preserve Old Versions of a File

Never be afraid to edit again.

Auto-saving is a wondrous thing, but sometimes it makes editing your work a bit scary. Once you delete something, the document autosaves and poof, the old version is gone forever. It can make changes feel a little daunting and regretful.

To give yourself the option of looking back on past versions of a file, right-click a file in Drive and select “Manage versions”. From there you can click “Upload New Version” and get to work.

Change the Way You Work for the Better

As you can see, there are multiple functions to Google Drive. Whether you’re using it at home or for your business, Google Drive can help improve the ease of your tasks.

Whether you want to share your file with the public, collaborate with an entire team on a project, or preserve a receipt digitally, Google Drive has you covered. It has reimagined what it means to have cloud-based file storage and syncing capabilities.