Social Latte Art

Social Latte Art

In honor of The Oscars, illy commissioned Coffee Artist Michael Breach to create the films nominated for 2014 Best Picture in latte art. Coffee is a muse for creativity and plays a strong role in the world of film. Michael Breach merged the two together seamlessly to be launched through illy’s social media channels (Twitter: @illyUSA and @illy_Coffee).



This continues illy’s love of social media, coffee, and film, following from a 6-part vine series produced by Academy Award® winner Ryan Silbert in honor of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival last year.



Michael Breach is one of the top coffee artists in the United States. His work has been featured on many major publications, television programs, and prominent news and culture websites worldwide. Michael began creating coffee art working late nights as a barista. With very few coffee orders coming in, he passed the extra time perfecting his latte art. He started out with the simple standard designs and challenged himself with more and more complex images, inventing many of his own techniques along the way.



His art is a representation of living in the moment as the artwork disappears. It also represents his enjoyment of coffee, popular culture, and the therapeutic process of creating the art itself. He is originally from Baltimore, and moved to Brooklyn in 2010 where he currently lives.








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