March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets Match Bankrupt Celebrities to Crown Champion Debtor

[Editor’s Note: I’d like to tip my hat off to Mr. Drescher. The following is a very creative idea to promote his business leveraging March Madness.]

March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets Match Bankrupt Celebrities to Crown Champion Debtor

J. Drescher, Maryland bankruptcy attorney and founder of Drescher & Associates, has launched a campaign to find the world’s greatest bankrupt celebrity.

Through April 7, 2014, Drescher will match up great celebrity debtors from the past and present. Filling in the “Bankruptcy Brackets” one match at a time, Drescher hopes to combine his interests in sports, bankruptcy law and pop culture into an informative and fun look at celebrity debtors. Bankruptcy Brackets is an adventure through YouTube videos, blogs, infographics and social media. As Mr. Drescher explains, “We’re going to get a detailed look into who they were, why they had problems, how they solved the problems or how their problems got the better of them.”

Featured matchups will face off Teresa Giuduce against Bernie Madoff, Tom Petty against Kim Basinger, Thomas Jefferson against Walt Disney and many others. Drescher promises that “The results will surprise you!” Ron Drescher’s YouTube channel is Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer, and the brackets will add nightly results at Celebrities’ popularity, amount of debt and the interest of their stories are all factors in determining winners and losers.

For the semifinals and the finals, Drescher will open the competition for voting by the public. Polling will be available on Facebook and the website, making this campaign truly interactive.


  1. Thank you for your interest in March Madness: Bankruptcy Brackets. Creating this extensive campaign has been both demanding and rewarding and I was heartened by the kudos from your organization. 

    By the way, voting is now open through 9pm tonight. Visit our website, to vote!


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