Infographic: A Social Report Card on Celebrities in Super Bowl Ads

Infographic: A Social Report Card on Celebrities in Super Bowl Ads
By Walter Delph

New & Creative Social Techniques: As an alternative to using celebrities, brands come up with creative real-time campaigns like Doritos’ #humandoritoschip, Tide’s Vine video series #getsitout and JCPenney’s #tweetingwithmittens. Additionally, brands are utilizing sweepstakes and contests with this year’s most popular one being Esurance and their $1.5 million dollar giveaway.Humanizing the Brand: Brands are attempting to humanize themselves by associating with a celebrity or sparking conversations with other brands into their own. For example Volkswagen with their #wings campaign, Axe with #kissforpeace and TurboTax with the “In a Relationship” campaign.

Maximizing Awareness using Celebrities in Social: Brands who utilize celebrities should continue to fuel their campaigns in social after their commercial spot has aired during the game. Via Twitter, Bud Light interacted with their commercial’s standout star, Arnold Swartzenegger, while T-Mobile continued their campaign on Monday with Tim Tebow’s account takeover.Controversial Ads: Brand are also taking a more edgy approach to their campaigns this year. For example Coca Cola’s multi-cultural singing of the “America the Beautiful” featuring a gay couple, Cheerios “Gracie” featuring a bi-racial family and Soda Streams banned commercial mentioning Coke & Pepsi.

Celebrities in Traditional Super Bowl Commercials: 40% of this year’s Super Bowl ads featured celebrities. A few examples include, Honda with Bruce Willis, H&M with David Beckham and Newcastle with Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson.

Walter Delph is the CEO of Adly, where he drives the strategic direction and is responsible for its operational execution. Adly is a technology platform that monetizes influencers, athletes and celebrities in social media.