Wi-Fi Vs Mobile Data:
Which Online Connectivity Options
Should Business Travelers Use?

When on the move for business travel, you don’t know what to expect in terms of the connections you’ll have; will there be free Wi-Fi, or will you be visiting a location with exorbitant data roaming charges?

Workers must be just as connected when on the move and away from home in the workplace as they are at home, to maintain a high level of productivity and keep the business operating smoothly and efficiently.

When traveling for business, connectivity is crucial and there are many connectivity options to choose from, 2 of which include Wifi and mobile data – but which of these should business travelers use? Let us find out.

Wi-Fi For Business Travel

A solid internet connection is essential for a myriad of reasons, including keeping in contact with friends and family, accessing online learning, engaging in entertainment, and, more notably, to work. Nowadays, work is so reliant on internet connectivity that it’s critical that we can keep connected to the workplace even while we’re on the move and traveling.

All connectivity and communication is important in business, even within the office. There are many effective office communication options to choose from, such as business phone systems by Gamma.

Why Wi-Fi Is Important

Wi-Fi is crucial for a smooth trip – much of the traveling process nowadays requires or can be made easier with a mobile device and good Wi-Fi connection: from checking depart times, downloading tickets and passes, and to entertain and keep us in touch with others throughout. The ability to connect to the internet at any time allows business travelers to make the most of their vacation and guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

More importantly, the fact that most of the work and business is carried out online via the internet nowadays makes the internet a crucial component of any business travels.

Problem with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is highly essential for any business travels; however, this is often only when free – some hotels or airports for instance offer paid Wi-Fi for time limits which aren’t always reliable and require extensive information to be included. Even then, some free Wi-Fi can be extremely slow and unresponsive.

Mobile Data for Business Travel

The most expensive aspect of attempting to keep connected while travelling abroad for business is mobile data. Not only that, but you have no clue how much data you will consume and therefore no idea how high your bill will be, so you are frequently forced to rely on free Wi-Fi or expensive offers from your usual network provider.

International Roaming Charges

International SIM cards are excellent. However, you wouldn’t want to have to provide a new contact number to your business contacts when you go, nor would you want to constantly change SIM cards. So, it can be easier to use your normal provider’s international offers, which may be pricey.

Before you should check with your mobile phone provider to see whether they provide roaming as part of your package for the countries you’ll be going to – this is sometimes referred to as an international plan. Doing so is most likely the simplest and least expensive way to connect to the internet while traveling.