Why San Francisco SEO is One of the Hardest Keywords to Rank

Why San Francisco SEO is One of the Hardest Keywords to Rank

One of the most important things that every SEO campaign has to define before it takes off are the keywords it intends to target. This will determine a lot of the strategies that has to be adopted to ensure success in the campaign.

Some keywords are just so much more difficult to rank for than others. A good example is San Francisco SEO. With over 130,000 businesses registered to operate in San Francisco and with each one looking to dominate in their niche, there’s bound to be a massive search for the best SEO company to work with, which also means that search engine optimization companies will target these keywords with high search volume. You can learn a bit more about this here.

With such a level of competition, ranking for such a keyword is a lot harder. This is not exclusive to San Francisco or to SEO companies. It is applicable everywhere. Since this is the case, we will spend some time looking at the issue of keyword competition and how to work with or around it.

Understanding Keyword Competitiveness

To really understand keyword competition, you need to first understand how search engines work. Each time you input some words in a search box and carry out a search, the search engine scores through its indexed webpages to find content that it believes (based on certain parameters) provides the best answer to your search query.

In providing these search results, the webpages are listed according to ranking determined by the search engine algorithms. If in its search for related webpages it found a million webpages that offer content on your search phrase, one of these webpages will rank first while another will be the one millionth.

To determine which position or ranking a particular website will be placed on, certain factors like backlinks, UX, and others will be put into consideration. If about 100,000 websites are bidding for the same keywords, emerging top in that situation will be much easier than a set of keywords that have millions of websites hustling to rank for them.

People usually target keywords that are more profitable and those that have high search volumes. The increased demand results in increased competition.

This is a very basic explanation of how search engines work and how this process results in the competition we are discussing.

How does this Affect San Francisco Businesses?

This issue affects every business and not just those in San Francisco. Once you decide to optimize your site so as to rank on search engines, you will be faced with the challenge of choosing the best keywords to target. In an ideal situation, what you should be looking for are high volume, low competition keywords.

The big challenge is however that most low competition keywords also have very low search volumes which makes them unprofitable for many folks. While in most cases, a delicate balance has to be achieved between high search volumes and the level of competition, it appears that the main focus for many will be how to take the right steps to ensure one ranks for those high volume, high competition keywords.

This is very achievable with the right strategies and probably an adequate budget.

How to Have a Successful SEO Campaign

Given everything we have looked at above, how can one ensure success in their SEO campaign? This is one question that a lot of business owners may be asking right now. Though what we described above suggests that the process can be difficult especially when we target those very profitable keywords, we’ve not said that there is no hope.

Succeeding in any marketing campaign requires a deep understanding of both the market and the target audience. This will help you make the most of the tools available to you in that market. This is exactly the case here.

You must thoroughly understand the search engine optimization process, understand how search engines work and know what tools can be used and how best they should be used for optimum outcomes.

Acquiring all of this information is not something that just anyone can do. Between the actual task of running your business and managing other activities in your life, it is very unlikely that you will find the time to acquire as much knowledge as is required.

For this reason, there are companies like Golden Gate SEO that can help handle the heavy lifting of your campaign. This will include helping you choose the best keywords and then developing the most efficient strategies that will help you achieve your goal.

Even if it so happens that the ones you are targeting are high competition ones, the right company will know how to go about ranking for them. Like we noted earlier, this will likely require a higher budget among other things.

Remember all the benefits that your business stands to gain from a well-executed optimization program and ensure you work only with companies that can help you achieve your goals.