Must Read Methods
For Every Startup

Must Read Methods For Every Startup

It’s one of the most common woes of the fresh new startup. No one looks big and impressive to begin with. That is if they don’t take the right precautions. It’s entirely possible to make your startup look like a professional operation from the word go. You just need to spend a bit more time on the preparations.


Hit The Books

Marketing research is crucial. Know your audience and know your competition. If you go out, guns blazing, saying the same things your bigger competitors are saying, no one will really care. Research the others in the business and find the niche you can fit uniquely within. Not only is it better marketing, but it’s a more reliable way to do business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just put a new tire on it.

Outsource If Necessary

Forget the idea that you’re not going to be able to afford outsourcing. If you can’t spend money on making sure your digital presence isn’t professional looking, it’s back to the funding search. Easily one of the worst mistakes you can make is launching a business that looks like it came from the mid 1990s.

Look Bigger Than You Are

A professional website makes you look like a more established business. It’s not the only way of doing this however. Services like exist for that purpose. You can easily give your business a much more prestigious address. Similarly, a virtual assistant can make it seem like you have more people working behind the scenes as well. Smaller businesses do have an unfortunate stigma, so always put your best foot forward when possible.

Write Like An Expert

You need to show a bit more beneath the surface if you really want to look like a professional. Note that you’re not going to be able to do this unless you really have some expertise behind you. We’re talking about content marketing. talks at length about how a blog can be good for your business. One of the best ways to do this is by displaying your knowledge of the business for all to see.

Shake Lots of Hands

An even better way to display that knowledge is to have other people talking about it. If you can host your own launch event, fantastic. Otherwise, it’s all about getting out to networking events and meeting other business people. Help them boost their message and they’re much more likely to have good things to say about you too.

Don’t Use A Static Site

You want to know the calling card of an unprofessional business? A site that never changes. If you have no new content or no fresh designs, it’s going to look like the lights are on, but nobody’s home. The same goes for your social media and LinkedIn accounts. Show your activity. It might mean spending a bit more time on Twitter or writing content, but it’s worth it.