High Impact Tactics To Drive Website Traffic

High Impact Tactics To Drive Website Traffic
By Sarah Sharp

One major question that has most likely come across your mind has been how to drive more traffic to your online store. Many e-commerce business people want to know the secrets of success for more sales. You may have spent time painstakingly setting up your shop and wonder when the sales are going to start pouring in. Sometimes, you may already have a thriving business, but you’re wondering how to get to the next step in sales and higher revenues.

Growing Traffic

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or looking for an additional million in sales. Driving more traffic to your store is an essential part of your business growing. A site that is properly tuned and optimized for conversions is a key for future sales.

There are many ways to grow your traffic. One of the first ways is through running social media campaigns. Targeted social media ads will focus on a demographic you’re looking for online. These specific ads will make your intended audience click and then send them to your website, hopefully garnering new customers if done correctly. There are over 1.65 billion users per month on Facebook. It is one of the largest mediums of social media, and is a great opportunity to reach a platform of new subscribers or buyers for your business.

Another company owned by Facebook is Instagram. It’s a large platform for the millennial population. There are around half a billion users there with a younger audience between 15 and 35. The advertisement possibilities are great as it has been predicted to bring in around $2.81 billion, close to the three billion mark in advertisement revenue.

Advertising on Social Media

There is a lot of potential in different types of advertising on different social media platforms. For example, Pinterest is a great choice for those looking to make purchases as they can see it in different lights and photographs. Some research has pointed to almost 90% of people have used Pinterest to plan out a purchase, and then a little more than half have purchased something after seeing it on Pinterest.

There is additional paid advertising on Pinterest called Promoted Pins that will put your pins to the top of a potential customer’s search results. You can display your product and then link the new customer straight to your website for purchase.

Circling back to Instagram again, you can contact influencers and those with many followers to promote your products for a paid promotion. All three of these social media platforms can be used in tandem for advertisements and driving traffic to your website.


One of your greatest tools is the search queries that your customers use to find your website. Not everyone is versed in the ever changing art of search engine optimization. A digital marketing agency will help you sort this out. Sticky is one that comes to mind. They’re a dedicated service that assists in getting your website seen and getting traffic conversions.

When products can be found through a customer’s search, you know the optimization has done its job. SEO is about making your website one of the top rated and ranked websites so people will be automatically directed to you while looking for something.

Viral Content

The majority of driving customers to your website is done through targeted marketing and advertising. The ability to make content appealing and hit the right areas is incredibly important. Many of these methods are long term solutions. But with the right viral content, it can boost your numbers in the short term much faster.

Some different aspects you can use are giveaways or sweepstakes, as these can drive traffic to your website quickly. Exciting prizes can get customers participating and feeling like they’re part of the website and they’ll come back for more. Incentives are a great way to get customers coming back to the site on a repeat basis.

The way you can do this is through utilizing some online tools. There is something called Woobox and Gleam, and these can be used to embed a giveaway banner on one of your landing pages. There is also a social element to this that can act as another form of advertising. Overall, utilizing all of these factors can help turn your website into a significant traffic attracter and start churning out more customers. It’s all about extending your reach for more sales, no matter how you do it.

Sarah Sharp is a website marketing consultant who works with both smaller and larger companies on their marketing tactics.