Five Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Five Reasons To Redesign Your Website

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website, it’s probably time to re-evaluate and spend some time thinking about new designs. Here are some of the top reasons to invest in upgrading your website to a new and improved version:

It’s Not User Friendly

After taking a look at your website and analyzing it honestly, you might find that your website has a few bugs, or it’s just difficult to navigate. Websites that are simplistically designed generally yield the best results, so if you’re ready for a change, talk to your website developer about ways to enhance your site so that it’s easy for everyone to use. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find, and that the most relevant content is on your main page.

It’s Too Busy

Most users don’t like to be inundated with a wall of text on any page of your website. If your site is guilty of providing too much text heavy information, especially on the home page, redesign the site for best results. Even if you have a lot of information that you’d like to convey, there are ways to break the words up so that they aren’t overwhelming upon first glance.

It Needs To Be Mobile

If your website was initially launched before the era of smartphones, it’s definitely time to change your site to increase the success of your small business websites. Since many of your customers and potential customers are likely to use their phones to browse the Internet while on the go, it’s important for your website to be mobile friendly. If it looks disjointed or it’s difficult to use from your phone, it’s time for a major overhaul.

You’ve Changed Your Strategy

Adding creative content to your website is a wonderful way to increase traffic to your site and gain a bigger client base. If your current website doesn’t have the right layout to incorporate content or plugins, start browsing the Internet for design ideas to get a feel of what you’d like for your own website.

It’s Unresponsive

To attract customers and to increase the amount of time they spend on your site, the website must be both aesthetically appealing and highly responsive. Sites that are sluggish to respond or are prone to crashing tend to quickly drive away users. If this is a result of poor development or an outdated hosting platform, consider seeking out professional help in order to design an efficient website that serves its purpose well.

Moving Forward With Web Design

If you relate to any of these factors, spend time looking around to find examples of sites that you’d like to emulate. A good website can have enormous positive effects on your business, so it’s of the utmost importance to spend time carefully considering website design options. When you have a few examples in mind, make sure to pick a reputable developer so your site will look great and perform beautifully. It’s always better to spend a little more for an experienced web designer rather than awarding the work to the lowest bidder since your website is the face of your company.