The Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

The Benefits of Business Continuity Planning

As a small individual business owner, you might think you’re ready for anything. But can you say the same for your business? Many people view vital subjects such as business continuity as common sense, rather than something that needs to be planned for. However, when events take a turn for the worst, they will be the first ones to see the error of their ways. Here are some of the benefits of business continuity planning, and why it should be taken it seriously.


Disasters and Survival

Things go wrong in business all the time. Humans make mistakes. Natural disasters can strike at any time. Systems fail. There are hundreds of things that can occur in your business on a daily basis. And having the plan to cope with events fast can be the difference between utter failure and survival. Help is available and it’s worth taking. Disaster recovery services saves your business money, not to mention the fact that it gives you a stable foundation to survive almost any incident.

Proactive, Not Reactive

When you create a business continuity plan, you’ll need to look at your entire operation from top to bottom. You’ll unveil many inefficiencies and problem areas that you have not been aware of before. And it will give you an idea of the weaknesses that will cause your business problems in the event of a disaster. It could be cash flow, or an inability to communicate with your customers. The point is your continuity plan will enable you to be proactive about these issues, rather than reacting to them at a later stage.

Competitive Edge

When you understand your weaknesses, you can more easily fix them. And once they’re fixed, it’s a significant benefit to your customers, and one you need to shout about. After all, which company would you prefer to use? The one that guarantees your data will be safe in any event? Or the one that has failed to address the problem?

Focused Communications

When disaster strikes, you need your top people in place doing what they have been trained to do. Not only will your continuity plan describe your employee’s position and responsibility in the event of a disaster, but it will also create better lines of communication. You’ll be much more disciplined about how you communicate and when, and more thorough in giving information to the right people.

Better Bargaining Chips

A business continuity plan shows you have intention. And with purpose comes bargaining power. Your bank manager will know you are less of a risk when you ask for a loan. You can increase your demands when it comes to selling a share of the business. And you can charge more when the time comes to sell your business. In short, a business continuity plan has many different benefits. It also gives you confidence that if anything happens outside of your control, you’re covered and prepared.