Why People Won’t Leave Facebook And Go To Ello

Why People Won’t Leave Facebook And Go To Ello
By Ken Wisnefski


Ello is the new social network that doesn’t collect data and doesn’t advertise to its users.  It is generating a lot of buzz across the internet lately.  I don’t think the idea will be popular enough to create the engrossing user experience that comes from a huge active user base like Facebook’s.



• Like them or hate them, Facebook has nothing to worry about from other social networks at this time.• What makes a social media network ‘social’ is the amount of people on them sharing content, pictures and stories – and everybody is on Facebook sharing that great content.

• People looking to share content in Ello will have to troll Facebook to find it, go back to Ello and share it.  It won’t be long before they realize they could have just stayed on Facebook.

• Isn’t that what happened with google plus? You joined and you sat and you waited for others to join you and share great content, only when you looked back at Facebook – everyone was still over there sharing the stories and content you really cared about.  Google Plus is kind of a boring lonely place.

• Ello plans on charging to add features to accounts, but Facebook will easily be able to duplicate any features that this social network will offer for free.

• I have my doubts that they will really be able to offer a distinctly different service from Facebook that is in demand enough to gain momentum.

• It reminds me of another exclusive social network “Netropolitan” that just launched offering services to rich people who can afford the service, which I think will also end up being a boring place to hang out on the web.

• The web makes everybody’s interesting ideas and thoughts equally visible regardless of previous constructs of popularity and exclusivity.  People like it that way.  Exclusivity doesn’t work in social networking, inclusivity does.

• I do see some benefits to a security focus for them.  As we move into the future, I believe cyber security will move more and more into the front of people’s minds.

Ken Wisnefski is the founder and CEO of leading internet marketer, WebiMax and has written blog posts for WIRED, C-Level and CMO.com to name a few.  He has also been featured on featured on MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and Fox Business to discuss marketing, technology, social media and e-commerce.