Startup CEO Alleges “Massive Click Fraud” on Facebook

Startup CEO Alleges “Massive Click Fraud” on Facebook

Charity Engine, a United Kingdom cloud computing company, has alleged that Facebook is “allowing click fraud on a massive scale.” Facebook has faced many such allegations from business owners recently, as the algorithm the site uses only allows for about 15 percent of a site or page’s fans to see posts without the pages’ owner paying to sponsor their content. However, no one yet has blasted Facebook with the ferocity that Charity Engine did in a December 24 Facebook post.

“Facebook is allowing click fraud on a massive scale, letting millions of fake profiles join millions of fan pages and charging those page owners for every fake click of their FB adverts,” the post said. “They won’t let pages contact or even view their own fans (really!), so nobody knows how many fakes they really have—except Facebook, and they’re not telling. They won’t allow an independent audit of their advert system either. It’s a huge scam.”

By its own admission, Facebook has a serious problem with fake Likes, and even fake users; in the wake of the site’s public stock opening, they have vowed to weed out fakes and phonies of all kinds. Facebook claims to be making a sincere effort to eliminate fakes, but it’s clear that Facebook will continue to face periodic allegations of fraud and misdeeds no matter what they do.

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