Keeping It Real: The Value of User-Generated Content in 2015 (Video)

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Keeping It Real: The Value of User-Generated Content in 2015

92% of marketers say social media is critical for their business growth in 2015. But with organic tactics performing at an all-time low, what’s a marketer to do?

Find out why successful businesses are putting their stock in user-generated content campaigns for 2015. Hosted by Amir Zonozi, Chief Strategy Officer for Zoomph social media, this webinar will show you how to improve your audience reach, engagement, and even conversion-rates—all without the cost of pay-per-click advertising. Learn how to by-step “marketing mistrust” on social media, powered by real-world examples from last year’s ground-breaking New York Marathon.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the:

  • Biggest challenges facing social marketers in 2015
  • History and value of user-generated content
  • Newest tactics for messaging authenticity
  • Components and benchmarks of a successful campaign, and
  • Tactics that led to 90,000 fan interactions at the New York Marathon



Presenter: Amir Zonozi

Amir is the Chief Strategy Officer and resident social media junkie for Zoomph, the world’s leading Influencer Engagement Platform. Specializing in brand consulting and new media, Amir supports today’s most successful brands, including the New York Giants, Mary Kay, Dove, and even the U.S. State Department. Bringing a decade of experience in the digital and sales landscape, Amir teaches businesses of all sizes to change the way they engage with people (not users) through innovation and technology. You can find Amir posting the latest trends on Twitter: @Zonozi


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