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NAB Show Unveils the Final 17 Startups Invited into SPROCKIT 2014

NAB Show Unveils the Final 17 Startups Invited into SPROCKIT 2014

NAB Show organizers unveiled the remaining 17 companies that will participate in SPROCKIT 2014. A year-round program that spotlights disruptive startups in media and entertainment, SPROCKIT will kick off in Las Vegas April 5-10 at NAB Show, the world’s leading convention for professionals who create, manage and distribute entertainment across all media platforms.

Now in its second year, SPROCKIT will bring together 27 startups with dozens of decision-makers and influencers at leading media and entertainment companies, including AARP, Cox Media Group, Gannett Broadcasting, Google, Hearst Television, Tribune Broadcasting and Univision. Through on-stage presentations and facilitated meetings with industry leaders, SPROCKIT provides participants with a platform to stand above the crowded startup space and work alongside influencers who can help their companies flourish.

Selected by a committee of industry experts because of their standout solutions and business models, the remaining 17 startups of the SPROCKIT 2014 class are:

Chute helps brands and publishers tell stories using visual media by making it possible to discover, organize, obtain consent and publish fan photos and videos at every customer touch point, whether on a website, social properties or ads.

Civolution provides Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology and solutions that help advertisers, content owners, rights holders and distributors identify, manage and monetize media content.

CloudFlare, Inc. makes websites run twice as fast, protects them from cyberattacks, ensures they are always online and makes it simple to add web apps with a single click.

clypd is an advertising platform built exclusively for TV. clypd connects the buyers and sellers of TV asset inventory, automates the workflow and leverages data to enable audience-based targeting.

Discourse Analytics humanizes data by uncovering why individuals connect to digital assets which, in turn, help broadcasters better understand and personalize the digital experience for audiences.

Eyeris develops artificially intelligent emotion recognition technology. Its flagship product EmoVu, reads people’s facial micro-expressions as they watch videos on computers or mobile devices using webcams.

FEM Inc. has developed a video discovery platform embeddable into any website, entertainment network or app that has or wants video and seeks to engage female audiences.

iPowow creates Participation TV formats for broadcasters to engage viewers in the story on the TV show, second by second, via their mobile devices, while enabling advertisers to connect directly with the consumer.

Lingospot enhances TV viewing by providing relevant articles, photos, profiles, stock charts and other information in second screen and on Smart TV companion applications.

net2TV is partnering with major media brands and web media companies to bring back free, special-interest television programs to viewers using Internet-connected TVs and tablets.

nFluence’s Consumer Powered Marketing is powered by autograph®, a personalized mobile technology that gives people the freedom to anonymously communicate their interests to businesses.

Paladin Innovators develops software and hardware solutions for streaming and broadcasting, including the Paladin, an all-in-one streaming studio that fits in a backpack.

Shoelace Wireless develops software solutions that speed up content delivery to mobile devices by combining multiple wireless networks.

SocialNewsDesk is a social media management tool created by news-people for news-people, so broadcasters can increase social engagement, manage a team and monetize social media from a single dashboard.

SportXast is a free mobile app for sport fans to capture, watch and share the best video highlights in amateur sports with zero editing.

Watchup, incubated at Stanford, reinvents news watching by providing users with a personalized stream of videos from the world’s most trusted news sources.

XYZ Stream Hosting is a software centric, turnkey streaming platform for digital media; delivering greater efficiency to content producers, owners, and distributors through state of the art solutions.

“Unlike an accelerator program, SPROCKIT gives entrepreneurs greater exposure and a direct line of communication to decision-makers in the industry,” said Harry Glazer, creator and co-producer of SPROCKIT and founder and CEO of World Series of Start-Ups, LLC. “SPROCKIT is about finding solutions through collaboration, and we’re excited to facilitate these conversations between leading industry influencers and the next generation of leaders in an effort to spur innovation in media and entertainment.”

The previously announced SPROCKIT 2014 companies include: AudioAir, Cognitive, ExciteM, MAZ, Penthera, ShareRocket, theLoop, Tomorrowish, Wayin and WebTuner. Following NAB Show, startups will continue in the year-long program through SPROCKIT Sync – frequent day-long meetings and a virtual network where startups and industry leaders will convene and collaborate on how to bring the most innovative products, services and revenue models to market.

Created in partnership with World Series of Startups, LLC and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), SPROCKIT is supported by Springboard Enterprises and New Vantage Group. Additional SPROCKIT collaborators include:  Angel Capital Association, Boston Consulting Group, Convergent Wealth Advisors, Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at USC, Ernst & Young, infoDev, Interactive Television Alliance, Irving Group, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, mediaX at Stanford University, Monster Worldwide, National Science Foundation (NSF) and SmithGeiger.

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How to Get $4,274,700,000 Worth of Art on Your TV

How to Get $4,274,700,000 Worth of Art on Your TV
By Sheldon Laube

In the 1990′s, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates created a 22-ft “video wall” in his home that featured digitized images of fine art and classic photos. Later he spent millions founding a company that was built to bring artwork into the hands of mainstream audiences, easily and beautifully.His hope was that this would catch on, and everyone in America would one day decorate their homes with digital artwork and digital frames.

In the early 2000′s, you could turn your TV monitor into an art gallery, but you needed the complicated extra steps involved in connecting your computer to your TV through video input jacks and external monitors. And this was complicated and time intensive.


Now it’s 2014, and this technology has finally arrived, with fully connected SmartTV’s and apps and tools like Roku that can turn your home into a digital art gallery, but completely free and totally hands-free.That’s where Artkick comes in.

I started Artkick to bring the beauty and power of art and images into millions of homes. Art has been locked up in large granite buildings which required people to visit museums or galleries to see art.  We want to bring art into people’s homes to enrich their lives.

Artkick delivers art for free on your TV.  From our library of over 50,000 images, everyone can find images they enjoy and display them on the otherwise black screens in their homes. We want to turn the black screens (TVs, computer monitors, etc.) from ugly eye sores into beautiful art displays. The following are is just a small piece of the best art available in the world.

* $1,000,000,000:  ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci
* $269,400,000:  ‘The Card Players’ by Paul Cezanne
* $200,000,000:  ‘The Concert’ by Johannes Vermeer
* $200,000,000:  ‘The Wedding Dance’ by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
* $155,800,000:  ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I’ by Gustav Klimt
* $150,000,000:  ‘Self-Portrait (with straw hat)’ by Vincent van Gogh
* $141,500,000:  ‘Bal du Moulin de la Galette’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
* $122,200,000:  ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch
* $109,400,000:  ‘Irises’ by Vincent van Gogh
* $99,700,000:  ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ by Peter Paul Rubens
* $90,000,000:  ‘The Visitation’ by Rembrandt
* $87,500,000:  ‘Le Mont Sainte-Victoire vu des Lauves’ by Paul Cezanne
* $86,200,000:  ‘Water Lily Pond’ by Claude Monet
* $85,000,000:  ‘Still Life, Drapery, Pitcher and Fruit Bowl’ by Paul Cezanne

Artkick is led by tech luminaries such as Sheldon Laube, former Chief Innovation Officer of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Abe Ostrovsky, the former CEO and then Chairman of Accelio Corporation (acquired by Adobe in 2002).

Capturing The Moment

Capturing The Moment
By Bridget Fitzpatrick

Does the public ever get to know about the good things that officers do on a daily basis? With today’s smartphones it can be as simple as taking a picture or creating a short video. That is exactly what an Omaha Police Officer did when he met up with two fellow officers.

Police Officers Barnes and Groth were on duty driving on the interstate on one of the coldest days of the year when they spotted two dogs in traffic. Rather than just driving on down the road, they stopped their cruisers and rescued the dogs. While that is a great story and, one of many that officers perform daily, what makes this moment even better is an officer’s foresight to document it.

When the officers returned with the dogs, a quick thirty second video about the dogs’ rescue and quick picture were taken. Let me just say this again…a thirty second video and a quick snapshot. That’s all the time that it took to make a huge positive impact for our department.

Realizing the value of the picture and video, the officer quickly posted it on the Omaha Police Officers Association Facebook Page under the heading, “ More Evidence… Cops Love Dogs,” and we shared it on the Omaha Police Department’s Facebook Page.

So let’s take a look at the numbers from this one post. At the time of this writing and between the two Facebook pages, the post was shared almost 400 times, had over 250 comments, the majority of which praised officers for saving the dogs, and was seen by over 94,000 people. And believe it or not, it was picked up by one of the four local news stations who ran two great positive new stories.

We all know from firsthand experience that if it were a negative cop/dog story, all the stations would have covered it. However, this is a great example of how to create your own positive press relations in your community.  (After the dogs were turned over to the Humane Society, the owner signed papers to have the dogs adopted. Once that went public, he tried to get the dogs back. However he had an active warrant for cruelty to animals and the rest of the dogs were removed from the house.)

So who captures your positive moments for your department? Do your officers understand the value of positive press? Do your command officers understand the value of positive press? These are questions you should consider asking and considering when drafting social media policies. Find officers that are willing to capture and share those good moments. Share positive photos and videos on your department’s Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Utilize the free marketing campaign that is at your fingertips. It’s our favorite price…free.

Waiting in the wings is that next negative situation that will go public and make us all look bad. Why not get ahead of that and start promoting all the good things that your department does. Good stories happen every day. Make sure your department capitalizes on them. Thirty seconds is a very short time to make an impact…good or bad.

Bridget Fitzpatrick is a seventeen year veteran of the Omaha Police Department (OPD). Her work as a Crime Prevention Specialist has given her insight to many of the communities concerns. She has been one of the administrators of the OPD Facebook page for approximately two years. Her involvement as a Facebook administrator has been instrumental in increasing the fan base for the page and helping to control the fallout due to controversial issues.