Breaking – Tweet from @Jack to President of Iran @HassanRouhani deleted. Why?

Breaking – Tweet from @Jack to
President of Iran @HassanRouhani deleted. Why?
By Bob Fine

Update: 7:35pm EST

As we reported earlier today, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@jack), had tweeted to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (@HassanRouhani) early in the morning PST. The tweet then was mysteriously deleted a couple of hours later.

As Mashable reported approximately two hours ago, the tweet reappeared and President Rouhani had replied back some time later:


Also as reported by Politico this morning, there has been continuing deletions and reappearing of tweets on President Rouhani’s Twitter account since the President initially tweeted while at the United Nations in New York City last week.

We will be publishing a more comprehensive piece tomorrow.

Published: 1:56pm EST

The Social Media Monthly is not normally known for breaking news, but as our writer-at-large, Masha Hedayati (@ma_h_sa), was preparing a full length piece for tomorrow about the recent implications for social media in Iran, an interesting aspect transpired in the last couple of hours.


This morning at 11:00am (time zone unconfirmed), Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@Jack) sent the President Hassan Rouhani (@HassanRouhani) a fairly germaine tweet asking if the citizens of Iran are able to read the President’s tweets?

In the last hour, the tweet has been deleted from everyone’s feeds, prompting speculation upon all of us to reasoning why? Did the State Department or The White House request Jack Dorsey to delete the tweet. With the relationship at a critical juncture, is this concern that the tweet could drive the relationship into a negative direction?

Keep an eye out for a full piece tomorrow from Mahsa Hedayati (@ma_h_sa) on Iran’s new developing relationship with both the United States and social media.

Bob Fine (@bobfine)



We are in the process of alleviating a nuclear showdown. I think that the freedom of social media expression needs to take a back seat. 

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